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RPG Community: Feliz Fanart Friday

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Dec 20

Howdy folks, come take a look at some of our favorite fan art and RPG minis on social media. Here’s what the community is working on!

Let’s start things off with a Tiefling decked out in gold and blues:

If you are looking for a little challenge, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered with some gorgeous art that invites description:

And do you know what? This latest piece of fanart has us all realizing that D&D needs more PCs with Pets. Seriously when was the last time your party adopted something? Well, here’s some inspiration:

And if you want something for a stark contrast–check out this dusky purple half-orc, who has a busted tooth and a sense of adventure, as well as en


Or this deeply detailed illustration of a deeply detailed gnome:


Here’s a collage of Critical Role, showcasing how the popular streamed show has helped transform people’s interests and abilities:

And let’s get to perhaps the most spot on take of Nott I have ever seen–plus it’s festive and in-season:

You almost never see a Warforged in fan art these days. This monk is ready for action:

And let’s not forget my new favorite Wizard, a kobold with a gift for everyone:

This warlock, on the other hand, is for the birds:

Let’s round out our trio of clawfooted chums with this incredibly detailed bronze dragonborn:

And finally, another Tiefling to round out our character, this one is a sorcerer with a special eagle friend who is ready to hunt:

Have a great weekend folks!

If you saw something you liked, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Want to share what you’re working on? Drop it in the comments – we’d love to see what you’re creating.

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