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Star Wars: X-Wing – New Environmental Cards Preview

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Dec 17

Looking to spice up your X-Wing games? Look no further than the new Obstacle Packs heading your way!

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing two new expansion packs to X-Wing with “Never Tell Me The Odds” and “Fully Loaded” – but what do those packs bring? FFG has a few previews to showcase how they are going to up your game.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Starfighter pilots across the Star Wars™ galaxy must be prepared for any combat situation. Not only do they face off against enemy ships of every size and variety, they also need to be ready to fight in asteroid fields, ionizing gas clouds, and even among the wreckage of previous battles. Each obstacle alters the fabric of the battle itself, providing new hazards—and opportunities—for intrepid pilots. Soon, you can add even more environmental variety to your games of Star Wars™: X-Wing with the Never Tell Me the Odds Obstacles Pack!

So what are in these packs? Let’s take a closer look:

New Ways To Interact With SPAAAAACE!

Most games of X-Wing start off with players placing their obstacles on the board. In Never Tell Me The Odds, the way you place and interact with obstacles will fundamentally change. For example, if you’re playing with Comet Tail, you’ve got some specific instructions on how to place the obstacles:


You could also get something like Ion Clouds which don’t just change the placement restrictions, they also modify the clouds themselves:

Mynock Infestation also messes with your ships in other more…inconvenient ways:

More SPAAAACE Gadgets To Use

Fully Loaded adds a different dimension to combat for bombers and fighters. Bombs and mines are one thing – but how about some more funky ways to mess with enemy squadrons? Just don’t get caught in your own blasts!

These obstacles might be less natural than space rocks, but they will pack a punch. You might have a fight taking place in a zone marked for Continuous Bombardment. Hope you brought your blast shields:


On the flip side of the coin, these new zone might also have Munitions Caches stored for your use. A cunning squadron can take full advantage of these extra weapon options:

Both of these exciting new expansion sets are due out in the first quarter of 2020.


Fully Loaded Devices Pack $14.95

Set the timer and brace for detonation! The Fully Loaded Devices Pack collects numerous devices for X-Wing, giving you access to a vast arsenal of options for your squadrons. In addition to the upgrade cards and tokens for Proximity Mines, Conner Nets, Ion Bombs, and more, this devices pack contains six environment cards that use devices as part of setup. With these cards, you can battle in deadly minefields, fly your ships through star fields riddled with unexploded ordnance, or even maneuver to avoid continuous bombardments!


Never Tell Me the Odds Obstacles Pack $14.95


In the vast depths of space, one can find countless wonders—comets with icy trails, nebulas filled with ionizing gas, or even living creatures, like mynocks, hiding within wreckage.

In addition to asteroids, debris fields, and gas clouds, the Never Tell Me the Odds Obstacles Pack contains six environment cards that reflect a few of the strange and terrifying places a space battle could erupt. Each environment card changes the placement or rules around obstacles, adding variety to your X-Wing games!


That’s no moon…

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