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Warhammer 40K: Legends Is Now Live

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Dec 4 2019

Warhammer 40k: Legends now has a home on the web – so what does this mean and how will it impact your army? Take a look.

We all knew this day was coming. Warhammer Legends has officially hit the web and some of your old favorite models might have just gotten “retired” from future updates. “But wait, what does that mean, exactly?” Let’s see what GW has to say.

via Warhammer Community

What Is Legends Anyways?

As codexes are revised and editions (and eons) pass, classic models become unavailable, no longer finding their way into current publications. Rather than consign these battleworn relics to oblivion at the back of your shelves, however, we are happy to present them as Warhammer Legends.

Basically, it’s for all those older models that might not be directly supported anymore – but GW still wants you to be able to play with your miniatures. Legends will include rules for your old units and miniatures – including points – for one last go around. But moving forward these Legends will not recieve regular rules/points updates.

Now, there is some warnings for Match Play Specifically:

A word to the wise, however – these profiles will not be curated as part of the annual points review, and as such aren’t really intended for use in competitive play (unless, you know, you want to organise an event where Legends are welcome).

Above, you can see all the armies that are currently impacted by Legends. Some of these entries are pretty short. The Tyranids for example is just for two weapon options for Termagants:


Other entries are quite large. Like the Space Marines, for example, are a multipage list. What’s cool is that these pages do include all the datasheets, rules, power levels, and points. If you still want to use the old Chief Librarian Tigrius rules and his old miniature, you can use the Legends version.

Warhammer Legends Page

The rules presented here are designed to be definitive, and will only be updated when we change the core mechanics of the game. This means that Legends units are not designed for matched play (as they won’t, for example, have regular points updates).

So, Can I Use My Models?

Yes – you can still use your miniatures. Warhammer Legends is designed so you can specifically use your models. However, they just aren’t getting the regular updates for points and therefore aren’t intended for Matched Play moving forwards. Again, if you are going to use these models in Matched Play, talk to your opponent before you play a pick-up game or contact a Tournament Organizier before you go to a Tournament or other event. It’s not that complicated.

Pop over to the Warhammer Legends Page and see what changed in your army!


Bye-Bye Characters on Bikes. It was a fun run.

Author: Adam Harrison
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