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Warhammer 40K: Old Models, Great Rules

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Dec 13 2019

You can’t keep some of these old classics down. These are the models who are looking pretty long in the tooth but can still pack a strong bite!

The Warhammer 40,000 Model Range is massive. There are a TON of models out there across the system that are old enough to drink legally and are still in use today. We’re going to highlight some of these older models and kits and talk about why folks should still be using them – and hopefully GW will give them all an update at some point.

Thunderfire Cannon

The recent Space Marine codexes have really breathed some new life into this model. But it has been and still is a pain in the butt to assemble. If you still have an old metal one, may the Emperor Bless you. And the “new” resin finecast model is…also not the best. This is an old model that really could use a new plastic kit. Regardless, the rules for it are still solid and it still shows up on the tabletop.


Shining Spears

Oh man. The Aeldari range is a who’s-who of old models with great rules. We could really just list all the aspect warriors but, for right now, we’re going to highlight the Shining Spears. This unit has made a resurgance on the tabletop and it’s still has some great rules. That said, these jet bikes could probably sell listed in the “classic car” section. The Harlequins have some fancy new Jetbike designs and we certainly wouldn’t mind if the Shining Spears got a similar treatment.

Space Marine Scouts

The Space Marine Scouts are an ever stalwart workhorse of the Space Marines. Mostly because they are cheap and are great at sitting on an objective. These models are looking kind of dated next to the newer Primaris Marines however. I personally don’t think we’ll ever seen NEW scouts, only Primaris units that will attempt to unseat their position as the “go-to” Troop Tax unit.

Khorne Berzekers


Yes, you can convert your own Khorne Berzerkers using AoS Kits/headswaps – but we shouldn’t have to! GW, please for the love of Skulls, PLEASE redo the Khorne Berzerkers. This kit needs to get an update and you have the power to do it. Until then, these models are still going to be a staple in Chaos Space Marine lists because of their raw combat potential. They will break you.

Space Wolf Terminator Rune Priest

And now for the quite possibly the oldest model on this list we have the Space Wolf Rune Priest in Terminator Armor. Yes, this model is still available on GW’s website and yes it’s OLD. We’re talking Second Edition Old. It’s still on a 25mm base old. You could insert a “Yo Momma is so old” joke in here about the Rune Priest and it’d be true. That said, it’s still a character with access to psychic powers – that alone makes it good enough. A pesky character in terminator armor that can toss out a Smite every turn is a thing. Okay, maybe it’s rules aren’t “Great” but it sure is OLD.


There are probably another dozen or more models that have great rules and old models – what are some of your favorite classics?

Author: Adam Harrison
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