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Warhammer 40K: Real or Hoax – Primaris ‘Speeder & Bikes’

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Dec 30

Oh boy – someone is at it again with the photo manipulation. We’ve either got some new Primaris kits on the way or someone has too much time on their hands.

Okay, it could also be both. Either way this has been popping up all over the internet. And well, take a look for yourselves:

via Reddit

Don’t bother trying to zoom in – it’s not going to help. We’ve got a whole lot of pixelation and a couple of very odd kits here. Now, these could be kit-bashes. They could be doctored in photo manipulating tool (aka ‘shopped). But they could also be real. Let’s explore those options.

Kit Bash?

It’s possible that someone just wanted to make their own Primaris “speeder” and also some new bikers. But then why go through the trouble of pixelating your hard work? Clearly that’s intentional and is meant to obfuscate the object because “reasons.” If it is a kit bash, it looks like they took the cockpit of the land speeder, and slapped it inside a Repulsor/Impulsor and added more fins and the missile racks from the Land Speeder Typhoon. As for the bikes – those are just too pixelated to even start. But if this is a kit bash why did they make the missile racks face that way? seems like an odd placement. Or maybe it’s just the pixelation…yea. Sure.

‘Shop Contest?

This photo has me wondering if I could get into Photoshop and do a similar thing now. That could be a fun project this afternoon. That said – why bother doing that and then posting it? Because people are bored and like to poke the beehive. Clearly, this has been manipulated on purpose. The question is was that to cover up shoddy ‘shop skills or to obfuscate the “real” kits that might be coming soon?

Is It Real?

Let’s explore this for a second. Didn’t we literally just get new Space Marine book? And didn’t those have a ton of new supplements? Plus we just got new Blood Angel updates in Blood of Baal. Are we seriously about to get even more new units for Space Marines this year? Does that mean yet another Codex to purchase for Space Marine Players?


Well, we do love our codexes?”

Okay…that last question has be second guessing if this is really real now. Plus GW did the pixelation thing with Vanguard. And these images do kind of match up with some of the rumors we’ve been hearing.

But why do we have both Blood Angels and Ultramarines? Why not a single chapter? It’s not like folks run a bunch of different chapters and tactics in one list or anything. We never see that.

What’s the Verdict?

Someone needs to take better pictures is the verdict.


What do you think? Is it real or a hoax? And why is it so hard for people to post GOOD pics of things on the internet?!


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