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Warhammer 40K: Relics of Baal

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Dec 1 2019

The Blood Angels have an all new set of Relics in Psychic Awakening Volume 3 – Blood of Baal. Take a look at the gear the sons of Sanguinius are getting.

Chapter 3 of Psychic Awakening is coming soon and we’ve got a preview of the new Blood Angels Relics you’ll be able to field. Here are the Relics of Baal!

Decimator is a super-charged Auto Bolt Rifle. Clocking in with str 5, AP -2 and 2 Damage means those 3 Assault shots are going to sting. Plus, the bearer can advance and fire with this weapon with no penalty!


Wrath of Baal is a new banner for your Sanguinary Ancient Models. When you activate this boost, all Blood Angels Jump Pack units within 6″ of this model gain an extra 2 inches to their move – The Red Ones really do go faster!

We got a look at the Biomantic Sarcophagus already – but it’s nice to be reminded that even the Blood Angels Dreadnoughts are getting some love with a new Relic.

Figure of Death is a Relic Crozius Arcanum that has a funky rule to match. On top of the typical weapon bonuses, it can also terrify an enemy unit which causes a -2 leadership modifier on them until the end of the turn – as long as you successfully cause a wound with this weapon.

Gleaming Pinions is a Relic Jump Pack that allows the bearer to fall back and charge in the same turn. Plus, the bearer also gets to add 1 to their charge rolls, too.



The Blood Angels are also getting their “Generic” Chapter Relics like Master-crafted weapons and such. So keep an eye out for those when you pick-up the Blood of Baal!


What relics are looking forward to using? Will these replace any of the relics from the codex for you?

Author: Adam Harrison
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