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Warhammer 40K: Ritual of the Damned – Kaldor Draigo Fate Teased

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Dec 23

In the lastest Psychic Awakening short from Games Workshop, Kaldor Draigo the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights may not walk away from this one.

If you’ve been keeping up with the lore surrounding the upcoming Psychic Awakening book Ritual of the Damned, then you know that the Grey Knights are on a collision course with the Thousand Sons. Magnus has put out a psychic call for psykers to come to Prospero. The message is disguised as a refuge for those who might be afraid of what the Imperium will do to them if they find out. However, we got some clues as to what the Thousand Sons have planned for them in the latest short.

That’s not the only hints we got either. We also got a pretty big tease for what’s in store for Kaldor Draigo. From the looks of things he is fated to face Magnus. What’s unclear is who’s going to walk away from this encounter:

via Warhammer Community

He saw a warrior that could only be Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo, standing triumphant over the corpse of Magnus the Red, the Titansword buried to the hilt in the Daemon Primarch’s skull.

‘Adept, note the presence of the Supreme Grand Master,’ he said.

The vision warped. This time Draigo was impaled upon the Blade of Magnus, a hundred warriors in bloodstained silver armour cut to pieces and scattered around him.


This does not bode well for Draigo. Now, before we jump to conclusions, let’s remember a few things about this vision. The first is that it’s from a Grey Knight Prognosticars who is scrying into the events yet to pass. But he’s also looking into the events involving the Thousand Sons – and Magnus in particular. And the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons know he’s looking…

What this means is that we have an unreliable narrator because, and this is also teased in the story, you don’t know if what he’s seeing is “real” or if it’s an illusion that Magnus wants him to see. Lushian, the Prognosticar in the story, doesn’t know if he’s managed to cut through an illusion or if he’s fallen into the trap of this “vision” – and that’s kind of the point.

Will Draigo be victorious? Will he die by the blade of Magnus? Which vision was “real” and which was fake? Could they both have been illusions a la Inception-style layers? So many questions…But if Draigo is going to face off with Magnus he’s going to need help.


What do you make of the vision? It’s Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons in a clash of Psychic Titans!


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