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Warhammer 40K: The ‘Legends’ We’ll Miss The Most

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Dec 5 2019

It’s time to take a look back at some of the units we’re going to be saying good-bye to thanks to Warhammer Legends.

Games Workshop has finally done it – they have sent some specific units to ride off into the sunset of history. While they aren’t completely retired, they might as well be. Today, we’re looking at a handful of units we’re going to miss the most. Some of these units probably needed to go…but some of them have had a long history of being in the game even if they were never particularly popular options. That said, let’s take a look at these Warhammer Legends!

Orks – Big Gunz

Oh Big Gunz…there was a time when you were more than just a little broken. Some folks will be saying “Good Riddance” while others will be a tad misty eyed when they think of the Grotz and Big Gunz from the days of yore.


Astra Militarum – Rough Riders

It’s the final swan song of one of the classic cavalry units in the game. Rough Riders have a long history but it seems that legacy is finally ending with Warhammer Legends. Good-bye you horse lords of 40k. We’ll miss you’re hunting lances and random special weapons that would pop-up from across the board, move, and then blow up our vehicles.

Legion of the Damned

Oof. This one is a deep cut. I mean, sure, LotD was never exactly a “Meta” option but they have one of the most unique backstories of all the Space Marine Legions. Alas, you can’t really give THEM the Primaris Protocol, can you. Farewell you damned legionnaires. May the Emperor watch over you.

Drukhari – Kabalite Trueborn


This unit helped to popularize the Dark Eldar Venom-spam of yesteryear. Their lack of a unit entry was notable and now we know why. Say good night to the Trueborn – they are going to a farm upstate.

Space Marine Characters on Bikes

History may look back on the day that Warhammer Legends because official as the Great Bike Purge of 2019. Seriously, if you are a character in Power Armor and had a bike, there was a pretty good chance you just lost your ride! Everyone just got dismounted – from all flavor of Space Marine to their chaos heretic cousins. Heck, there are even some classic chaos mounts that got caught-up in this great Biker Purge. It kind of makes you wonder if GW is moving away from bikes in general or if they are just clearing some parking lot space for something new…

At least we’ll still have White Scars and Raven Wing. For now.

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Kiss your bikes good-bye!


Author: Adam Harrison
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