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Warhammer Next Week: Aeronautica Grots, Warcry Champions, And Blackstone Fortress Releases

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Dec 1 2019

It is a specialist games extravaganza this next week, with all new updates for Warcry and Blackstone Fortress–and accompanying them, Grot Bommerz.

It seems like every Games Workshop game is getting its respective 2019 update this week. With Chapter Approved out in the wild now, and a big update for Kill Team already landed, next week we’ll see updates to Age of Sigmar’s Warcry, as well as 40K’s Blackstone Fortress in their respective 2019 annual books. Alongside those releases, some grot bommerz that are every bit as grottastic as you’d hope. Let’s take a look.

via Warhammer Community

First up, the Warcry Tome of Champions. This book looks great for all you Warcry fans out there. With new Campaigns and Side-Quests, there’s a lot you’ll do to expand on the game of Skirmish combat in the Mortal Realms. It’ll be real interesting to see how exactly they expand this game–each warband’s personal story quest is their own mini-campaign. Adding more seems like an easy way to do it, but something tells me that’s not all we’ll be seeing in this book.

What about Blackstone Fortress? Whatever role this ancient bastion of mysteries, older than the Aeldari, will play in the galaxy is still unfolding. The Blackstone Fortress Annual comes packed with all the White Dwarf supplements we’ve seen throughout the year, as well as additional rules for adding more challenge (wonder if it’ll be more challenging than the new difficulty mode introduced earlier this year), adding new quests, and giving each of the Retinue characters an update.

Finally the Grot Bommerz. These are fantastic. Not only do you get the Grot Bommer planes, which are flying fortresses of orkgenuity that are covered with enough dakka to make a shoota stop and stare gobsmacked before wondering how you could add more, but even better they come with Grot Bomms,.


These little bomblet planes are piloted by Gretchin. What more do you want?

All of this is out for pre-order next week as well, so be sure and check back for updates!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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