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2020 Tabletop Gamer Resolution Challenge

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Jan 01

The new year has begin and I’m throwing down a challenge to the BoLS community.  Will you take the 2020 Gamer Resolution Challenge?

We all like to sit and talk about all the things we wish we could do if we were really awesome gamers. But here’s the secret – we are already awesome gamers. It’s just about setting some realistic and achievable goals for yourself and working towards them methodically, step after step, each day. Don’t try to make huge leaps, but instead set a small goal, hit it, them move on from there. Here’s my personal set of gamer goals and while I rarely hit all of them simultaneously, I’ve achieved each and every one of them for at least a year over my gamer career.  So with 2020 just beginning, step right up and pick a few of these.

1) Play 1 game a week minimum. I don’t care what it is, even a short game.  Just play – make the time.

2) Enforce the only 1 unpainted unit rule in an army.  If I want it that bad – I can paint it to a 3 color minimum and get it on the tabletop.  I consider playing with plastic to be rude to my opponent.

3) Try to regularly play 2-3 systems this year.  For me it’s 40K, AoS, and Star Wars LEGION (or maybe ARMADA… I’m indecisive). It doesn’t matter, just mix it up and enjoy mingling in different communities. There are SO MANY great games out there right now.


4) Once per quarter play another game. Just try to get in one pickup game to keep it fresh. I’m thinking, X-Wing, Monsterpocalypse, and Kings of War.  I really need to pull 30K and Titanicus off the shelf too.

5) Face the “wall of unpainted purchases”  In January pull out your 3 most desired units you have lying around, and get em built, lined up and ready for paint.

6) Only buy a new unit for every unpainted one of your top 3 units you finish. (see #5).  Psst… buying NEW games is a loophole to get around this restriction and broaden your gamer horizons.

7) Paint up just 1 tables worth of quality terrain for your home table.  A lovely table just draws friends into the hobby – and you can have tasty beverages (hint, hint) in your house! From super nice fancy terrain to cheap do it yourself. Just make something you can call yours.


8) Organize your hobby table. Clean out all the garbage, ditch the paint dregs, and refill my palette with new pots where needed, get new brushes.

9) Recruit or play a training game with 1 new player. This one’s about all of us being good ambassadors to the hobby. It’s more important than we all realize.

10) Go to 2 Tournaments or FLGS organized events this year. Play in one hardcore for the glory, play in one all fluffy for the hobby.

~Do you accept the challenge? How many of these can you achieve? I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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