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40K Rumors: About Those Custodes

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Jan 28 2020

The rumorsphere is kicking up more info on The Ten Thousand. Here’s the latest on the Adeptus Custodes.

The Adeptus Custodes arrived like a thunderbolt out of the blue in January 2018. You will remember that the standard Custodian Guard had been included in the Burning of Prospero boxed game several months earlier. The army was something no one thought was possible – a viable infantry army of effectively all heroes. An extremely low model count force that could duke it out due to both its durability and incredible lethality.

But alas it didn’t last. The rule of 3 got rid of the Jetbike Shield Captain swarm, and the small unit count just couldn’t cut the mustard against the Eldar meta. Over a year later, the Custodes Forge World units got the 40K Datasheet treatment and the some parts of the army (looking at you Calladius) saw a brief resurgence before being struck down by the Space Marine avalanche.

The Custodes has a beautiful range of GW minis and their Forge World vehicles are things of art. They honestly feel like the initial Skitarii and Imperial Knights codexes did – a great idea that only needed a few more units to find their place.

The Rumors

Industry professionals say:

  • A New Adeptus Custodes Codex is coming.
  • Look for it in Q2
  • There is contradictory chatter on new plastic units versus Forge World unit inclusion.


I’m a big fan of Custodes, and I want to see the army return to use. It’s both beautiful and easy to collect. But it is unforgiving and each model you lose really hurts. Like Admech was reinvented in 8th to combine its two previous 7th Edition codexes and Knights was quickly expanded I assume that GW is keen to give the army more options.


For me the last point is the real question. We already know from LVO that the GW Studio is redoing all the Forge world units in a new series of books. So in theory the Forge World Custodes units should be in there. But what, just if… they also appeared in an army’s official codex? 8th Edition has already made FW units a formal part of the game, so with the rules being written by the same team now, perhaps there is no longer a reason to keep the units segregated?

It’s been a dream for a long time, but I would still bet on a handful of new plastic kits as the safe prediction.

~Have at it and what do you think the Custodes Army needs to compete?


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