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A Fateful Design: On The Emperor’s Official Plan – Prime

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Jan 08

Herein lies the secrets of the Emperor's official plan for humanity.

The enigmatic Emperor of Earth and Master of Mankind is, without a doubt, the most critical figure in Warhammer 40,000. Despite His seeming passivity in recent years (itself possibly an act), no figure has done more to shape the current state of the galaxy. Through His will and plans humanity rose to dominate a pan-galactic empire that has endured for ten thousand years of strife. With His hand at the tiller, it has done this against seemingly insurmountable odds - while facing both dire treachery from within and the assault by a host of Xenos races. Of course, all this strife, the conquests, the crusades, must have been for something. Today let us take a look at what the Emperor's plan was back at the beginning. Before Horus. Before the fall.
On Official Plans

Truth, like peace, is something that does not exist in the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000. The setting and story have been parceled out over decades in thousands of novels, codices, magazines, video games, and articles. The setting lacks any type of official canon, nor, unlike many other ambitious settings, has there been a real attempt to create o...

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