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Age of Sigmar: The Seraphon Shakedown – Changes We Want

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Jan 31 2020

There is a new Seraphon book on the horizon and we have some improvements we’d like to see inside of the new Battletome. Let’s chat.

There were so many cool reveals at LVO we’re still processing our thoughts on the upcoming products. It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally getting a new Seraphon Battletome! I’m rooting for these guys to get some sweet new updates simply because it’s the oldest Battletome in the game and those players have been waiting very patiently for some attention. Seraphon players, I’m with you guys on this one. So what updates would we like to see them get? Here we go!

Terrain Kit

Okay, yes, this is happening. But it still tops our list! Mostly because it’s confirmed and everything else is wishlisting. Anyhow, we’re excited to see the Lizardmen get their own temple-type structure again. It’s about time the Seraphon got terrain kit ripped from the jungles of Lustria. Whatever this thing does, I hope it’s cool and is worth taking for the Seraphon.

Endless Spells

Of all the races in the game, short of maybe Tzeentch, the Seraphon are known for their powerful spell casting. Slann in particular! If any army should have Endless Spells, it’s the Seraphon, right?! Hopefully they are cosmically aligned as well as that would be very fitting. And something involving snakes. Maybe they can summon an endless pit of snakes! It wouldn’t be the first time…

Update the Salamander/Razordon Model

This one isn’t so much a favor to the Seraphon players out there as it is a mercy to the rest of us. These models need an update. BADLY. I’d like to see these medium-sized creatures get bulked out with a slightly larger base to match. I don’t even want to know what edition these models are from but I know they are finecast and that’s a good enough reason to retire them and make new ones in my book.

More Sub-Factions


This is another thing we already know is coming thanks to the preview:

Now you’ll be able to field them with all the nifty allegiance abilities, sub-faction rules and more that you’ve come to expect from a modern Warhammer Age of Sigmar army.

We’re hoping for at least 6 sub-factions in the book. And we hope that each sub-faction makes the army slightly different and unique. Like a sub-faction that focuses on the BIG stuff like Stegadons or other Behemoths. Or maybe a sub-faction that buffs Saurus Warriors into a battleline unit that is actually pretty scary! I’m sure there will be a spell-slinging or summoning option, too.

Whatever GW does, I hope these sub-factions are good enough to shake-up the current Seraphon lists and allow players to start to branch out.

Saurus Warrior Updates

Anyone who is a Lizardmen fan should have been excited by the Blood Bowl Team. Those new Saurus Sculpts are GREAT! They were bulker, more intimidating and had armor! They are just flat out cooler than their old AoS counter-parts. Even the Skinks are better! But that’s a whole other issue. We want to see the Saurus Warriors get some updated! Hey, if GW can take the old Chaos Warriors and make new sculpts for them, they can do the Saurus Warriors, too! Plus, were the heck are the Temple Guard?!


Maybe the new artwork is a hint that new and improved Saurus Warriors are coming. Maybe some old favorites will come back, too.


Speaking of models that could ALSO use an update…can the Kroxigors get on that list, too? These aren’t the worst offenders but imagine how much COOLER the would look if GW used their current technology to redo them. C’mon – you know that would look radical. And if those Rumor Engine hints were in fact new Seraphon it’s going to be a good time for the Lizards!

Bonus: Changes to Seraphon Summoning

I want to be clear: I’m not bashing Seraphon Players with this one – I’m bashing their RULES. If you’re not familiar with how Seraphon summoning works it’s simple. For every spell that the army can cast but doesn’t cast, they get points. They can then spend those points to summon in other units. Simple, right? But it’s kind of backwards when you think about it.

Their casters have to do NOTHING but sit there to generate points to summon. My problem isn’t that they are trading spells for summons, my problem with it is that they aren’t doing anything in the meantime. For example, Tzeentch Summoning requires them to cast spells to generate their summoning resource. Khorne armies have to kill or be killed. Slaanesh has to cause or take wounds. I could go on. The point is that armies typically have to do something to interact with the game to create their points. Meanwhile the Seraphon players are stuck just skipping their spells in order to summon. That seems backwards.

I don’t want Seraphon players skip their magical spells to summon – they should be able to use magic AND summon, too.


There is a LOT more wishlisting to be done for the Seraphon. What would you like to see in their new Battletome?


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