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Blood & Plunder Battle Report: The English Raid a Spanish Settlement

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Jan 03
Blood and Plunder After Action Report

In this post, we take a quick look at a Blood and Plunder battle between the English and Spanish. With the Spanish, a group of Dutch Mercenaries provides their help to bolster the Spanish defenses. Set with the goal of capturing one of three small buildings, the English sail towards the Spanish settlement.

All of the Images in this site are from Must Contain Minis’ The English Come To Town Battle Report.

Setting the Scene

A look at the table before the start of the battle.

Once we set the table, we decided on the scenario. The British Privateers (Buccaneers) would sail two ships into a harbor with the objective of capturing the small buildings near the middle of the table.

The two circled buildings counted as objectives. The one with the X through it, the English thought was an objective too, but it was a fake objective marker.

In the image above, the British would have to capture one of the three buildings marked with either an x or circle. The English knew that one of the three objectives was fake, but they didn’t know which. They only had to capture one real objective within the turn limit to win.

Softening up the shore

Using the cannons of their small ship, the British open fire on the Spanish and Dutch. Without a proper answer to cannon fire, the people of the settlement were sitting ducks. Fortunately for them, the British Buccaneers wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible before attracting the attention of the Spanish fleet. They did not have time to bombard the town as much as they would have liked.

The British sail into the harbor quickly and lay fire on their foes.


Meanwhile, the Spanish Calvary rush to the shoreline to reinforce the settlement’s defenses.


Both ships make landfall on the same round and pile out soldiers to raid the town.


The Spanish Lanceros rush out to meet the British Militia on the docks. They do not win the fight as the Brits make a near-impossible saving throw.


The British on board this ship set off another round of cannon fire into the Spanish defenders.



A look at the receiving end of that cannon fire. Lucky for the Spanish, the British were in too much of a hurry to fire effectively.


The British Sloop fully loaded with crew takes some final shots with their muskets and unload their raiders. The Dutch were very nervous about this group as they landed near the Dutch defenses.

The Dutch and Spanish Push Back

The troops disembark from the ship and get very close to the center objective. Sadly for the British, the Dutch push them right back to their ship.


In the end, the Dutch and English push the British back to their ships. The British sail away as they know their cannon fire may have drawn the attention of the Spanish fleet. This game would be a Dutch and Spanish victory over the British.

Wrapping it up…

I hope that you enjoyed this Blood and Plunder Battle Report. If you want a more complete version of the narrative, please check out my Original Battle Report on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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