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Cobra Command Takes on Bolt Action in a Legendary Fight

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Jan 10 2020
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Growing up in the 80’s I will admit that I always liked G.I. Joe. In fact, I am sure many people my age enjoyed G.I. Joe. A while back, I saw an announcement that Wizkids acquired the license, but I have not seen anything about the game or miniatures yet. In the meantime, a friend of mine did some creative work.

Dave Lamers took some Warlord Games plastic Grenadiers and painted them up in blue with a red insignia on their sleeves. They look pretty good to me. Now, he went a step further and made masks for the Cobra Troopers out of Green Stuff.

Cobra takes on British soldiers in Bolt Action

A look at the Cobra Troopers about to assault a British soldier in a Bolt Action Battle Report.

A Closer Look

Here we have a closer look at one of the troopers taking out a British soldier in an assault. The mask, the colors, the style of uniform. Looks perfect to me!!!

To make things even more interesting, Dave did up one of his German Commanders in the colors of a well-known character from the cartoons. Who do we know that has a silver face?

Just a German officer miniature painted up in an alternative color scheme. It looks like a well-known character to me. 🙂

Some More Action Shots

The images in this post are actually from the same photo-shoot as a Bolt Action Battle Report I wrote for Must Contain Minis. If you like these pictures, be sure to head over there to check out the actual story of the battle. Now, let’s check out some more of that action with these cool minis!


A wider shot of the title image above. In the upper right, you can see a group of British soldiers running to take on the Cobra threat.


Cobra confronting another group of British soldiers. While they missed most of their shots, the proved extremely effective in close-quarters combat.


This small batch of heroes did not hold their ground very well against Cobra. Where is G.I. Joe? Why haven’t they arrived yet!


Cobra is proving very effective in close quarters despite barely hitting anything with their long-ranged attacks.

Pretty cool. What do you think of these pictures and models?

Now On YouTube

Update: June 20, 2021… This Battle Report is now on YouTube too. You can watch it with this link or  with the video player below.


Wrapping it up…

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at my friend’s unique miniatures. How about you? What do you think of what he did with his miniatures?

For those that want further reading, you will have to visit the related Battle Report. The battle these images come from focuses in on a three force free-for-all where only one force could remain. Two players took British forces (one veteran and one regular) while the third player took Germans painted as you see in the images above.

I also have more work by Dave Lamers showcased on Must Contain Minis, and yes, he does commission work for those interested.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Thanks again for reading!!!

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