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GW Rumor Engine: Eyes On Target

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Jan 7 2020
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The latest Rumor Engine is looking off in the distance with some fancy new binoculars. The question now is who’s holding the new gear?

Well now, this one sure is interesting. Take a look at the Rumor Engine below and see what you can see.

via Warhammer Community

We tried to convince the Rumour Engine to make a resolution for the new year to post pictures in higher resolution, but unfortunately it did not comply. Typical. It’s stubborn, but we like to think of that as a feature, not a bug in the programming. Have a look at its latest low-res masterpiece.

Rez jokes aside, this one is looking pretty crispy! Now, my first inclination was this must be an Orky Arm holding the binoculars. Blood Axes perhaps? But the hands just don’t match up to Orky Hands. Plus, the gear is too clean and well maintained. Look at the wrist watch and strap. Heck, even the binoculars are in “too good of shape” to be orky. Don’t believe me, look at the Blood Axes:

The biggest give away (other than the orky proportions) is the lack of the orky fingernails. No, this is is starting to seem more human, although they are an extremely muscular human. That is the forearm of someone who is not afraid of the gains, folks. They’d probably put a Space Marine to shame. Which could only mean one thing:


It’s time for the Catachan Gun Show.

It’s been a LONG time since we got new Astra Militarum units. Maybe GW is deciding to actually update this model range with some new sculpts. The technology has improved quite a bit even since the Command Kit came out.

Plus, now that Cadia is, ya know, toast it’s time to focus on other uh…non-standard issue Guardsmen uniforms? Sleeves are out this season apparently. Whatever the case, we’ve got a bulked up bro holding a pair of binoculars. If it’s not a Space Marine, it’s probably a Guardsmen of some type and they are JACKED. What else could it be?


Alright Internet Detectives – you know the drill. What do you think it is? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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