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GW Rumor Engine: One Fancy Feather Duster

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Jan 21 2020

The new Rumor Engine is here from Games Workshop and it’s looking very fancy. Those dust bunnies are doomed!

Okay, it’s not actually a feather duster but it sure looks like one. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

via Warhammer Community

Every week we flock to the Rumour Engine, hoping against hope that it’ll show us something clear and obvious. It never does… Is it to blame for this pattern of behaviour or are we? Take a look at this week’s image and see what you think.

Maybe it’s just because we’re on a Pointy-Aelves Hype-Train but this looks an awful lot like something they would wear, perhaps on top of their heads?

Here’s the silhouette of Teclis. Now, this looks like a helmet top that could be something the Aelves wear – obviously NOT Teclis in this case. We know that from the artwork that was previewed. But it could be for some OTHER units in that army. What type of units? I don’t know! We haven’t heard a peep about the Pointy-Aelves will bring to the tabletop other than Teclis himself. We’re hoping for a full range of miniatures, but we’ll have to wait and see.

But what else could this be? Well, if it’s not Aelves, then maybe it’s Space Aelves aka Aeldari. Or Harlequins? Or perhaps something new altogether? Those ovals sure look very Aeldari to me – not quite spirit stones but still in the same shape. Plus, the Aeldari are known for their bright plumage.


Paint job wise, the stripe pattern fits. The orientation is off so I don’t think it’s a Dire Avenger. Perhaps it’s something different yet again! Are we looking at the beginnings of an Aeldari redesign? Or what if we’re finally going to see Exodites?! There are quite a few possibilities ahead for this one.

Dino-riding Aeldari? Yes please!



It’s fun to dream – but let’s get back down to business. I’m turning this one over to you Internet. Let us know your best guesses in the comments!


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Games Workshop: The Sound of Warhammer