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Outside the Box – January 3rd

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Jan 03

Welcome back to Outside the Box – 2020 kicks off with some amazing news from Modiphius Entertainment, Wargame Exclusive, Para Bellum Wargames, Anvil Industry, Fantasy Flight Games and much more!

A new preview of the official The Elder Scrolls tabletop game has been published by Modiphius Entertainment: –> More Modiphius Entertainment News

Anvil Industry released their new modular Exo Lords range:
–> More Anvil Industry News

New Conquest miniatures are coming soon from Para Bellum Wargames:–> More Para Bellum Wargames News

Wargame Exclusive offers new Gobbos: –> More Wargame Exclusive News

New X-Wing sets are coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Wargames Atlantic announced plastic Afghan Warriors:–> More Wargame Atlantic News

New Marvel crisis Protocol characters can be pre-ordered from Atomic Mass Games: –> More Atomic Mass Games News

Knight Models released new Harry Potter miniatures: –> More Knight Models News

A new wave of Infinity miniatures is available:–> More Infinity News


Mantic Games published plenty of Kings of War previews: –> More Mantic Games News

A new drop infantry preview has been published by Mortian:–> More Mortian News

TT Combat announced new terrain sets: –> More TT Combat News

A new expansion for Blood Red Skies can be pre-ordered from Warlord Games: –> More Warlord Games News

3D Alien Worlds presents new 3D-printable Tau terrain:–> More 3D Alien Worlds News

New miniatures have been released by Dust Models: –> More Dust Models News

Cool Mini or Not presents a new starter set for A Song of Ice and Fire:–> More Cool Mini or Not News


New miniatures for Wild West Exodus can be pre-ordered:
–> More Wild West Exodus News

Perry Miniatures announced a new range:–> More Perry Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models announced upcoming plastic kits: –> More Rubicon Models News

And here are the first new Kickstarter campaigns for the year:

Lancer Miniatures – 10mm ACW
Dragon’s Hoard Dice Co. – Solid Sterling Silver Dice
KohnGames – Launch Torpedoes!
Game Mash – Chipboard Monster Tokens
Compass Games – WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge
Riley Griffin – Make 100 3D Printable Homes & Eiffel Tower
Macrocosm – The 7 Dwarves 28mm Sci-Fi Miniatures
Iain Canuel – Make 100 Iain’s Barrels and Crates
Labmasu – Chaos Dwarf old school design resized: Old But Gold reboot
Krakon Games – Mykelings 5: Siege-themed Myconid miniatures
Munchkin Metropolis – Make 100 Slimline Life Counters 
3DBreed Miniatures – 1775 Join or Die
Generic Miniatures – Alpha Team: A Zombie Apocalypse Paramilitar Survivor Team
Dr Tabletop – DropTop
Timm Meyers – INFINITE DIMENSIONS Fantasy Miniatures in 15mm

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