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RPG Community Spotlight: A New Year, A New Fanart Friday

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Jan 03

Howdy folks, come take a look at some of our favorite fan art and RPG minis on social media. Here’s what the community is working on!

Let’s start things off with a Tiefling that has her horns on sideways, but, it kinda works:

How about an orc-elf hybrid? This is Caliban, the second half-orc I’ve seen with that name:

I love lizardfolk fanart more than I should. They are such an underrepresented option, but they just are trying to understand why these adventurers keep having “feelings”:

And if you want some amazing dice, holy cow, check these ones out. Seriously need to get some of these:


This is the very best skellington I have ever seen illustrated. Makes me want to play a necromancer again:


It wouldn’t be fanart Friday if we didn’t have some Critical Role art, and here we are, the Wildmother and her boys:

Or this image of a young Caleb, just undergoing training with one of the up and coming archmages:


A rare halfling sorcerer, evoking a little bit of Waterbending:

Calling it here, most fanart doesn’t go far enough, but here’s an artist who has created their own character and now cosplays as them:

Do you play online? Try some of this pixel art:

Let’s round out our day with this incredibly detailed dark dragonborn:

And finally, gorgeous sketch that invites you to create your own story. What lies in that valley? What awaits in the castle? And what has disturbed that flock of birds, rising up from the forest as the sun catches them?:

Have a great weekend folks!

If you saw something you liked, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Want to share what you’re working on? Drop it in the comments – we’d love to see what you’re creating.

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