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RPG: Fanart Friday – The Return Of The Tieflings

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Jan 10

Howdy folks, come take a look at some of our favorite fan art and RPG minis on social media. Here’s what the community is working on!

Let’s start things off with a very wholesome tiefling boy who is surely going to encounter some kind of tragedy before becoming an adventurer. But let’s imagine he has a happy life instead:

This is easily one of the best Warforged concepts I’ve ever seen. Really drives home that living construct and the uncanny valley:

There is a titan approaching in this stunning piece by u/rickhertel_art


Going by the title, we absolutely had to run with this alchemist, and frankly we’re delighted to see the Artificer getting some fanart love

Here’s a rare Eladrin spotted out in the wild:


It wouldn’t be fanart Friday if we didn’t have some Critical Role art, and here we are with Beau and Caleb enjoying a rare, happy moment together in the archives:

Or how about this image of the Chaos Crew and their counterparts:


Digging how suave this illustrated Dragonborn looks. You can see the goatee in his horns:

Now let’s all get a little monstrous with a bit of Monster Art that shows off an undead Beholder, cursed with Vampirism…:


Or how about a new monster hunter the next time you need to reach for an NPC:

Let’s round out our day with this incredibly detailed tiefling bard:

Have a great weekend folks!

If you saw something you liked, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Want to share what you’re working on? Drop it in the comments – we’d love to see what you’re creating.

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