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Warhammer 40K: Bring On The Fallen Dark Angels

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Jan 14

With Ritual of the Damned on the horizon, we started to wonder – where are the Fallen Dark Angels?

The Dark Angels are going to be front and center with the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights thanks to Ritual of the Damned. But we all know that the Dark Angels have their secrets. The BIG secret is that they are always hunting the Fallen – these are the Dark Angels that allegedly “fell” to the traitor side of the conflict in the Horus Heresy. The Dark Angel have been keeping this secret for years and have been attempting to hunt them all down for reasons…

You’d think it would have been easy to round them up, but due to a time paradox and a Warp Storm, things got a little weird. But we’re not here to talk about that. No, today we want to highlight some of the Fallen we wish would make an appearance on the tabletop in some form of fashion. And no, we’re not including Cypher because he’s got rules and a model already.

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Attais The Untamed

Said to have been at Luther‘s side during the confrontation between the Fallen and Lion El’Jonson, Attias has eluded Dark Angels capture over three times. However at some point he became a captive of the Crimson Slaughter, which attempted to use the Fallen as bait to lure the Dark Angels into a trap on the planet Stern’s Remembrance. In the ensuing ambush, Attias was freed and fought alongside the Dark Angels, agreeing to become their prisoner if it meant freedom from the vile Chaos Space Marines. After the battle against the Crimson Slaughter and their Cultist allies, he was taken aboard The Rock.



Solas is a Fallen Angel and now an informal member of the Alpha Legion. Allying with the Alpha Legion at an unknown point, he and his Chaos Space Marine allies attempted to destroy the Dark Angels 5th Company in the Zambeque Rebellion.

Later in 987.M37, Solas was discovered on the Agri-World of Picus. The entire Ravenwing of the Dark Angels, including all ten Darkshrouds, were deployed for the operation. However despite this massive effort, Solas evaded them yet again, and the Chapter Record would state that Cypher himself may have aided Solas’s uncanny escape.



Luther was the man who discovered the Primarch Lion El’Jonson on the world of Caliban. Like Kor Phaeron, Luther was not a fully augmented Space Marine and was significantly smaller than his comrades.

When the Lion returned to Caliban after the Horus Heresy, Luther attacked his fleet. The Lion and Luther engaged in single combat. In this battle Lion El’Jonson wounded Luther but could not bring himself to kill his oldest and dearest friend. Luther, however, was merciless and sent a sorcerous blast straight towards Lion El’Jonson which mortally wounded the Primarch. At that moment, realizing how far he had fallen, Luther began to weep for what he had done to his friend, and the Dark Angels captured him and held him prisoner on the Rock. At this point, the Gods of Chaos scattered Luther’s forces, the Fallen, through the warp.

Luther remains chained within the most secure cell of The Rock, guarded by Watchers in the Dark and his existence known only to the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels ChapterCommander Azrael, and those who held the rank before him. He is often used as an oracle to find the other Fallen. Azrael, like his predecessors, has attempted to make Luther repent for his crimes ten millennia earlier – but, like his predecessors, he has failed to do so. Luther only continued to rant and rave, claiming that Lion El’Jonson will come and absolve the Fallen, and that the day of the Lion’s return is close at hand.

Shortly after the formation of the Great Rift at the end of the 41st Millennium, the Fallen Daemon Prince Marbas launched an invasion of The Rock that succeeded in freeing Luther. It is suspected that Luther is now assembling Fallen into a Legion that could bring the Galaxy to heel.

Zahariel El’Zurias


Garrisoned on Caliban under Luther, Zahariel began to feel a tint of betrayal at the hands of his Primarch. 50 years went by, and at the onset of the Horus Heresy rebellion broke out across Caliban against the authority of Terra, spurred on by Terran-born bureaucrats who were in fact Chaos Cultists. Luther became convinced that Caliban would face destruction due to its Warp taint, and declared the planet independent from the Imperium. Zahariel vehemently disagreed with this course of action initially, but the more he learned of Caliban’s dark past and its connection to the Warp, the more he agreed with Luther. Finally after defeating the cabal of Chaos Sorcerers and their walking dead with his own psychic abilities, Zahariel knew there would be no turning back for Caliban due to the Edict of Nikea and decided to join Luther in secession. Zahariel went on to become one of the first Fallen Angels.

After the events involving the Ouroboros, Zahariel was elevated by Luther as the new Lord Cypher.

For a full list of known Fallen, check out the Lexicanum!

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