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Warhammer 40K: Grey Knight Rules – Tides of the Warp

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Jan 20

The Grey Knights get an all new system with 4 new ways to buff their army and all new psychic discipline.  Take a look.

Ritual of the Damned is going to pump a lot of new blood into the Bad News Bears – Grey Knights.   It’s a great little buff to give your detachments a little extra oomph.

Tides of the Warp

The new book contains four new Tides of the Warp for single codex Grey Knight armies. They get an all new psychic discipline including a power to change the selected Tide from turn to turn. Let’s take a look:

Tide of Convergence when at range, mixed with Tides of Escalation when you get stuck in is going to be pretty spicy. The army can take quite a few psi weapons, while D2 mini-smites doubles their damage output. Quick thinking and use of Tide of Shadows when your army is dangerously exposed or needs to repostion at the cost of firepower will help with the Grey Knight’s endurance problem. I have to say I’m pretty impressed and again happy to see GW adding bonuses for those who choose NOT to soup. BRAVO Design Studio – and more of this in the future please!

Dominus Discipline

Now onto the Psychic discipline:

Warp Shaping with a casting value of 5 is the reliable method to swap your Tides from turn to turn. I like Armoured Resilience to keep your pricy models alive longer, Edict Imperator lets you do some fire and fade tricks and hello… Empyrean Domination. Anything that lets me generate CPs is worth taking a serous look at.


Do you think it’s enough?

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