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Warhammer 40K: Master Lazarus Rules & Mini

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Jan 18

At last ritual of the Damned is here. Come take a look at The Unforgiven’s Master Lazarus.

Hopefully by now, you’ve seen the new miniature. And you’ve probably got a hint at his rules. Well now, for your viewing pleasure, let’s take a look at Master Lazarus’ full datasheet!

Basically Master Lazarus is a Captain for other Space Marine Chapters. Now, he is a Primaris Captain, so that’s why he’s got the extra wound and 5 base attacks. He’s also got a standard movement, strength and toughness as well. As a Captain equivalent, he’s also going to hit on 2+ for both melee and shooting.

Weapon wise, what makes him special is his custom power sword Enmity’s Edge. With +2 strength, -4 AP and D3 damage, it’s already better than many of it’s peers. However, this one also has some extra umph vs Psykers as you can re-roll the wound roll AND the damage roll. Not too shabby!

As a Space Marine Captain-type, he’s also got all the standard stuff: Angels of Death, Rites of Battle, and an Iron Halo. What’s new is the Inner Circle ability (which isn’t new per-se) along with both Intractable Will and also The Spiritshield Helm. All three of these options make for a pretty tough character who wants to mix it up in close combat and can take more than a few enemies with him.


Dark Angels Master Lazarus

Master Lazarus is a magnificent warrior, welding Enmity’s Edge with all the martial skill expected of the Dark Angels. Known throughout the Chapter for his cool demeanour, it is only when fighting enemy sorcerers that his composure fades in any way. He has seen many battle-brothers fall to the evils of the warp and delivers every strike against enemy psykers all the harder in tribute to the lost, whose names he chants as he fights to invoke their memory and inspire himself to courageous deeds.


An HQ choice for the Dark Angels Chapter, Master Lazarus makes for an exceptional melee fighter – especially against his chosen prey, enemy psykers. Meanwhile, the Spiritshield Helm he carries protects him from the baleful influence of those who would seek to use the warp against him.

Master Lazarus can instead be assembled as an unnamed Primaris Captain with a choice of helmeted or unhelmeted head. Instead of carrying the Spiritshield Helm, the Primaris Captain can be equipped with a bolt rifle and a choice of power sword or power fist.

This 22-piece plastic set makes one Master Lazarus and is supplied with 1x Citadel 40mm Round Base.

Master Lazarus is up for Pre-Order this weekend!

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