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Warhammer 40K: Mastering Ultramarines Librarians

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Jan 23 2020

Today let’s talk about some brain-melting Psychic tactics and tips for Ultramarines.

Currently I use Tigurius and a standard Librarian. While they are not Ahriman and company they can still be quite potent forming up to create an extremely effective Smitebomb.

Tigurius & Friends

I run Tigurius with the old school Librarius psychic powers typically:

  • Might of Heroes
  • Null Zone
  • Psychic Scourge

The other Librarian typically gets:

  • Empiric Channeling (EC)
  • Scryer’s Gaze

Psychic Tactics

First cast EC on Tiggy for the psychic buffs… Tigurius now has +3 to cast and deny plus with his ability to reroll them he should be able to pull off super smites quite often. You can then follow up with a smite from the Librarian and then Psychic Scourge from Tigurius taking advantage of our native +1 leadership. Scryer’s Gaze (warp Charge 7) gets you that sweet sweet CP and is not all that difficult to cast. Seven being the average on 2d6. Your opponents won’t be denying them when you’re slinging tonnes of smites, melting them alive.

Pro Tip #1 – Null Zone is very reliable and quite scary for opponents… Never charge Tigurius into combat if he successfully manifests this psychic power – your opponent can interrupt combat and then destroy him since he doesn’t have an invulnerable save.

Pro Tip #2 – Psychic Fortress is a go to psychic power versus smitey factions such as Thousand Sons, granting you the ability to shrug off mortal wounds on a 4+. While we don’t have nice things like Doom or Guide I have found our psychic staples like Might of Heroes coupled with Tiggy’s Prescience ability can go a long way when you really that hard resilience for a critical unit such as Centurions.

So there you have it, Ultramarines have access to some excellent psychic prowess if you follow my advice given above. It will definitely catch some opponents off guard.


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