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Warhammer 40K: Strike A Pose With The New Sisters Multipart Kits

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Jan 06

Games Workshop is showing off some of the utility of the new Multipart plastic Sisters of Battle. Get ready for a Hobby Day!

The Sisters of Battle are due for their primary wave of miniatures to be released very soon. Today, GW is showcasing the new multipart plastic kits for the Sisters and the Hobby Hype Train is leaving the station! These new kits offer a lot of utility and ways to build the Sisters in lots of cool poses. Check these kits out:

via Warhammer Community

The wait is almost over! The first multipart plastic kits for the Sisters of Battle – specifically, the Battle Sisters and Retributors – are up for pre-order this very weekend! 

Between these two sets, you can create upto 4 different Sisters of Battle Units. As you can see, they are packed to the gills with bits to use. I see lots of Combi-weapon options, tubes, backpacks, weapons, heads (with and without helmets), and a metric ton of details! I also get the feeling that it’s not just these Sprue-sets as from the completed models you can tell that some bits are missing.


For example, I don’t see that Power Sword in the above two sprue sets. There are lots more bits I’m sure. Aside from that, check out these awesome looking models you can build:


I’m digging all the cool head options and poses. According to the miniature designers you can build these kits in lots of different ways:

Joe Tomaszewski: I worked with Israel Gonzalez (who designed the Retributors kit) to make sure that both sets complemented each other. This went all the way from making the torsos, heads and weapon arms as interchangeable as possible to ensuring that all of the weapon options available to each unit were covered. For example, the multi-melta from the Retributors kit can fit on some of the standard Battle Sister torsos, so you can give the squad some anti-tank capability. The same applies to the various Superiors for each unit, we wanted to include the huge variety of wargear available to them.

That’s certainly something to be thankful for with these new kits! Being able to do simple things like head and arm swaps with “other” kits in the range can really help to keep everything fresh and different. I’m looking forward to seeing these kits in person.

Clearly there was a lot of time and thought that went into designing these models. But what do you think? Has it been worth the wait? The Sisters of Battle are getting there second wave VERY soon.



Here come the Sisters, for real this time!

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