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40K: Chaos Marines Need Some Character Love

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Feb 19 2020

The Marines just came off a binge of new models, and their traitor brothers are feeling left out.

The Marines have literally dozens of characters across a dozen Codexes! The recent new Marine codex and Supplementals extended the love to the remaining 1st founding chapters like the Iron Hands who have been waiting for so many years. Then Psychic Awakening got in on the action. Just recently we got:

  • Primaris Calgar
  • Primaris Tigurius
  • Primaris Kor’sarro
  • Primaris Adrax Agatone
  • Primaris Tor Garadon
  • Primaris Iron Father Feirros
  • Primaris Sanguinius
  • Primaris Lazarus

But taking a look back at the CSM side of things and we have a giant mismatch with some unbalanced love and attention among the original Traitor Legions.  Take a look at this:

Black Legion

  • Abaddon
  • Haarken Worldclaimer

World Eaters

  • Kharn

Emperor’s Children

  • Lucius
  • Fabius bile (but he’s really more of freelancer these days)

Iron Legion

  • nope…

Alpha Legion

  • nope…

Night Lords

  • nope…

Word Bearers

  • nope…

Death Guard

  • Typhus
  • Mortarion

Thousand Sons

  • Ahriman
  • Magnus

Chaos Undivided

  • Cypher
  • Huron Blackheart

Houston, we have a Traitor Problem

In a world where we have seen multiple versions of folks like Chaplain Cassius and Pedro Cantor, I think it’s well past time for each Traitor Legion to get a single named character. One of the biggest parts of immersing yourselves into the narrative of Warhammer 40,000 is through the eyes and actions of it’s myriad heroes and villains. It’s always great fun to build up your own army around a characters who exists in the background and fluff.

On the Marine side it looks like GW is diligently moving through the loyal armies and producing at least one Primaris character apiece, so players can start an all primaris army with a cool new leader.


On the Chaos side, we have four legions featured in dozens of novels with so many, many fantastic characters and yet not a single model to call their own. It’s time.

I’ll let you all toss around who is most worthy of being turned into models, but the Iron Warriors, Night Lords, and Alpha Legion, and Word Bearers have waited long enough. Future volumes of Psychic Awakening or the next big Narrative Campaign like Vigilus would be the perfect vehicle to bring some love the CSMs.

Come on GW, throw us traitorous dogs a bone (or 4)!

~Who do you think is most deserving of getting model from the 4 empty-handed Legions?

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