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Age of Sigmar: Da Most Kunnin’ – Ironsunz Tactics

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Feb 26 2020

Here’s a review of the Ironsunz subfaction of the Orruk Warclans and how to get the most out of your cunnin greenskins!

With the release of White Dwarf #451, Ironsunz have gotten a new, spiky lease on life in the form of three new battalions. I’ve already talked about the new battalions and how awesome they are, but I wanted to take a moment to visit what makes the Ironsunz so great. Here’s why you should be running the Ironsunz when you’re playing Orruks.

According the the fluff, the Ironsunz were one of the first Orruk warbands, and the strongest from Ghur. The meteoric rise of their current Megaboss, Dakkbad Grotkicker, wants to take over Gordrakk’s post, and considering he’s pulling “da most kunnin’” bosses into his warband, it’s likely he’ll be able to before long. On the tabletop, their tactical acumen is represented by their required command trait and army special ability. Their command trait, Right Fist of Dakkbad, allows you to score an extra command point during the first battle round. Should you also be using the Bossfist battalion and have Dakkbad himself, da most kunnin of the boys, he also gets to roll for an additional command point every friendly hero phase, but even without that another point added to the pool can be very useful. The ability, Ironsunz Kunnin’, represents Dakkbad strategizing before the battle to keep his boys safe from an opening volley of enemy shooting. During the first battle round, all hit rolls aimed at friendly Ironsunz units suffer a -1 to hit. Of course, after the first battle round the Orruks are so battle-mad that most thoughts of strategy fly out the window, but making sure more warriors hit the battleline even for a turn is never a bad thing.

Speaking of that, the exclusive command trait, Alright – Get ‘Em, allows you to take advantage of a baited enemy charge. At the end of the ENEMY charge phase, you can spend a command point to allow an unengaged unit within 12” of an enemy unit and wholly within 18” of an Ironsunz hero to charge. This can lessen the impact of a dreaded enemy double turn, or pull an opponent out of position and them punish the over-extension. Finally, the unique artefact, the Sunzblessed Armor, will keep one of your heroes alive just a little longer be lessening all Rend against it by 1. Throw this on a Maw-Krusha boss, especially Dakkbad himself, and give it the Big ‘Un trait, and you’ll have an almost indestructible killing machine to lead your army.

All in all, if you want to make the most of the Kunnin’ but Brutal side of the Orruk Ironjawz, you can’t go wrong with Ironsunz.

Do you use Ironsunz for your Orruk armies?


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