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GW: ‘No Respite’ & Titanicus Command Terminals Unboxed

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Feb 20 2020

What’s going down with the new Blackstone Fortress Expansion? What about the new Titanicus Command Terminal packs? Come find out!

The Death Guard make their debut in Blackstone Fortress and the new Adeptus Titanicus Command Terminals are in a new pack – it’s a good time for these Specialist Games:

Titans At Your Command (Terminals)

Adeptus Titanicus Titan Command Terminals $25

This one is pretty straight forward. The Titan Command Terminals pack is a set of 5 terminals for all the Titans currently in the game. You get the following Terminals:

  • 1 x Warlord
  • 1 x Warbringer (New)
  • 1 x Reaver
  • 2 x Warhound

These terminals are also the thicker cardboard versions as well and can be used with the tokens/pegs from the boxed set. They are exactly like the first run so if you need some extras or want to get one for the Warbringer, then this pack is for you!

No Rest, No Respite

This new boxed set for Blackstone Fortress is Nurgle Themed gifts! It’s got 3 Death Guard Plague Marines and 6 Poxwalkers to add to the pool of enemies for your games of Blackstone Fortress. Also included is a new campaign with some new rules involvings the nasty contagions you can catch when you face these foes down.


They are all suitably gross and Nurgle-themed. I’m sure the explorers will LOVE them. Furthermore, the campaign also holds some secrets of it’s own – this particular quest takes the explorers through a series of missions that will eventually end up at the Thrice-Cursed Throne. No spoilers, but there is a sealed envelope as a reward for purging this threat.

We also get the first look at the Jokaero ship “Sawbone Station” and it’s mysteries. This is a ship that can be added to the play area that folks can visit in between trips inside the Blackstone Fortress. It’s a nice nod to the lore and also a fantastic plot hook for future expeditions.

Blackstone Fortress: No Respite $60

If you’re a Blackstone Fortress Fan, then you should certainly check this expansion out!


Papa Nurgle’s Gifts are the ones that just keep on giving…


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