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Warhammer 40K: The Greater Good Overview

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Feb 8 2020

We got our hands on Psychic Awaking V: The Greater Good – come take a tour of the book with us!

If you were looking for rules updates for the T’au, Genestealer Cults, and Astra Militarum/Militarum Tempestus this book has you covered:

The Greatest Good

The Greater Good is a book about the battle between three ideologies: The Imperium, T’au, and The Genestealer Cult. Each one has it’s fanatics, it’s zealots, and it’s own version of the truth. It’s a fight for the minds and hearts of the citizens as much as it is for territory. When each side believes so violently in their own ideology there is no peaceful solution.

Rules-wise, this book contains rule for the Astra Militarum, Militarum Tempestus, Genestealer Cults, and the T’au (including Farsight Enclaves). The only new unit is the updated Shadowsun while the Farsight Enclaves did get a refresher. Everyone of the “main” factions got the following:

  • Create-Your-Own Regiment/Sept/Cult rules – Pick two from a list a la Space Marine Successor Chapters
  • New Warlord Traits
  • New Relics
  • New Stratagems
  • New Psychic Powers (not T’au)

While the T’au didn’t get any Psychic Powers, they did get an ability that allows them a Deny The Witch Roll (and also provides a 5+ invulnerable). Overall, there is some potential in the book for some nasty tricks for all the armies involved. The main question is will any of them be able to take on Space Marines in the competitive Meta – it’s still a little early to call that.

Outside of the competitive scene, I think that these armies are actually interesting to play. If you’re looking to shake-up your existing army and try out some new tricks, traits and stratagems then it’s great! Who knows, you might just find the next amazing combo for your playstyle.


Personally, I was kind of hoping for more from this book on the Lore front. It just felt kind of “light” this time around. And I think I know why. The standard edition is an 80 page book and it’s pretty heavy on the rules. The Limited Edition is 96 pages and contains 4 extra stories:

Beyond the Startide Nexus – by Dirk Wehner
Oppressors’ End – by Colin Cubbon
The Killing Creed – by Andy Clark
In Harmony Restored – by Andy Clark

If those names sound familiar to you, that’s because Games Workshop actually ran all 4 of those short stories on Warhammer Community building up to the release of this book. So, you’ve either read them before, you can download them, or you can get the collector’s edition with them included.

Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good

The epic Psychic Awakening series continues with The Greater Good. This campaign book features a host of new rules for the T’au Empire and Genestealer Cults. The campaign book also tells a sweeping narrative recounting the many unexpected challenges that the exploration fleets of the Fifth Sphere Expansion encountered as they journeyed beyond the Startide Nexus.


The book goes up for Pre-order this weekend – For the Greater Good, naturally!


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