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40K Loremasters: Meet the Spiders of the Grimdark

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Mar 12 2020
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Everyone wants to know what is going on in Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider. Let’s start with the obvious – who are the “Spiders” of 40K.

This is less of an analysis of what may or may not be in Psychic Awakening. But with a quick tour of Lexicanum, we came up with quite a few “Spiders” for your consideration.

Fabius Bile  – It turns out one of his aliases is “The Spider” due to the Chieurgeon on his back and it’s many arms.

Warp Spiders – The Eldar Aspect Warriors made an appearance in The Greater Good, and have ancient models.

Illuminator Szeras – Pretty much a metal spider. Also a dude who is all about improving his Necron form and has an old finecast model.


Tomb Spyders – Someone’s got to make the Scarabs.

Harlequins – fast, deadly stalkers of the… webway. Get it!

House Van Saar – One of the Great Houses of Necromunda. And all about the spiders, using them as their sigil and commonly in their culture.



Night Spinners – Deadly, shoots webs, can use the webway… close enough.


Necromundan 8th Regiment – This famed Astra Militarum regiment is known as “The Spiders” and keeps large specimens as their mascot.



Hive Fleet Arachnae – This Tyranid Hive Fleet appeared in the aftermath of the Great rift and is fighting agains the Necrons.

Venomcrawlers – These Spiderlike Daemon engines are used by Masters of Possession to hunt down both foes and rogue daemons.


Black Widows – Armored recon walkers used by the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii.



~That should be enough to get your sleuthing gears turning.  Have at it.

Author: Larry Vela
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