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40K Retro: 3 Decades of Ghazghkull

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Mar 10 2020

Today we go back and look at the history of the Supreme Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka over the decades and his unlikely origin.

We are starting with today’s Ghaz and rolling the clock back with each earlier version.

Ghaz Basics

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the self-proclaimed Prophet of the Waaagh!, known in the Imperium as The Beast of Armageddon, is the Ork Warlord of Waaagh! Ghazghkull and currently the most notorious Warboss of the 41st Millennium. He is infamous for his actions during both the Second and Third[1] Armageddon Wars. Ghazghkull is a particularly megalomaniacal Ork, convinced he is blessed by the Ork gods Gork and Mork. He possesses a considerable measure of cunning, and in battle he tends to focus more on commanding his troops compared to other Warbosses, only engaging in combat himself at critical moments.

The Current Version – 8th Ed.

The most badass of the Orks has been gifted with a brand new model this year (2020). An all new updated version of the Primest of the Orks is here to wreck shop and generally muck up anything he can reach.

New Ghaz is a true monster, about the size of a Dreadnought. He’s got a claw that looks like it can snip a Knight’s leg off and ALL the dakka!

So good, and a perfect pose and detailing of the unbridled ferocity and power the greatest of the Ork race should embody.


And lucky little Makari is back!

The “Middle” Ghaz – 3rd Ed.

Turning back the clock to 3rd Edition takes us to the Ghaz most of us recognize. The miniature showed up in the multi authored Codex Armageddon from 2000. Makari was absent and rumors of his untimely demise were out and about. The model was super sized compared to the previous one, and everything was bigger, from the mega-armor, to the Goff skull up top, to the gun, to that immense claw. This was a Ghaz model that meant business.  He would soldier on for 20 years!


Can I please get a bigger base?

Welcome to the 90s – 2nd Ed.

We’re headed back to 2nd Edition, and 1994.  The new Codex: Orks by Jervis Johnson needed a leader for an all new rebooted edition of 40K and Ghaz got the job. The first official Ghaz and Makari miniatures arrived.  It’s clearly the same guy as the original below. Same name and same back-banner. He was a flat posed “2d” model but most of them were back then. He held out for 6 years and it the Ghaz most of the “old schoolers” remember. But he was NOT the original Ghaz.



Makari was looking really good for his time, and Gha’z mini was dripping with lots of teensy detail. A real powerhouse of a mini for the early 90s.

1991 – The Original (converted) Ghaz – 1st Ed.

Welcome to Rogue Trader – when 40K was young and expanding quickly by the month. Here we see the original humble origins of Ghaz, a converted warboss by Andy Chambers who first appeared in White Dwarf 134. This was a warband made to highlight the just releases Ork hardback supplement – WAAARGH The Orks! which took up most of this issue of White Dwarf and Issue 135.

I don’t look like Scarface at all. Die Tyranids!



 He really does have amazing boots! Note the eyepatch which has evolved into his cyber eye down through the years. Also note the original converted Mad Doc Grotsnik to Ghaz’ left.

It’s been a long path from 1991 to 2020, but like the Orks like to say, “If ya wins, you wins, and if you lose you’re ded so it don’t count” Ghaz has come a very, very long way in his 29 years of winning.


~Which ones are your favorite models and who is still rocking some of these on the tabletop?

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