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40K RUMORS: The Next Psychic Awakening Book is…

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Mar 30 2020

The 40K rumorsphere has struck again. There’s a new volume of Psychic Awakening that is doing the rounds. Take a look at this.


Over the last few months we’ve seen rumors coming in from shipping databases that have been spotting upcoming products from across the industry.  Several of these have borne out, including War of the Spider.  But today we have the latest – and it is is labeled as being part of the Psychic Awakening series by name.

via Sprues and Brews

The intel labels:

  • Games Workshop
  • A Printing Company
  • Product is named: PSYCHIC AWAKENING: PARIAH


Ok, so this is REALLY interesting. We already know of:

  • Phoenix Rising
  • Faith & Fury
  • Blood of Baal
  • Ritual of the Damned
  • The Greater Good
  • Saga of the Beast
  • Engine War
  • War of the Spider
  • Pariah (rumored)

One of the few races left in Psychic Awakening are the Necrons and the Harlequins – ancient enemies. And “Pariah” has a very old and specific meaning.  Necron Pariahs, the unit long banished after their appearance in the first Necron codex.



The Pariahs were a Necron equivalent to a Sister of Silence, or something in the same vein as a Culexus assassin. A psychic blank that snuffed out psychic power in it’s vicinity.

They were also said to be a symbiosis of necron and human biology.  They have origins linked to the Culexus Assassins, and Illuminator Szeras (rumored to have an upcoming mini in Psychic Awakening) has begun to capture Culexus Assassins for experimentation.

One of the mysteries in Psychic Awakening is reports of the Necrons striking to capture supplies of Blackstone, also being sought by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Drukhari.  The dynasties are up to something and have a plan for how to deal with the Psychic Awakening of their own. Whatever it is, it’s going to be very, very bad news for humanity if they are not stopped. Here’s the vision from an Eldar Farseer from that first Necron codex of what they might achieve:

If anyone hates them enough to stop them at any cost, it’s the Harlequins…


~What do you think the Necrons are up to?


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