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40K: Will the Sisters of Battle New Edition Curse Strike Again?

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Mar 9 2020
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Like the ticking of the Squat Clock, the full release of the Adepta Sororitas means a new edition may not too far behind…

Sisters of Battle are a fantastic army. Beautiful, characterful, but somewhat rare. It was always a rather exotic army to choose and there are many reasons who you don’t see it too often on the tabletop over the decades. It requires a lot of minis. The minis were metal, and quite detailed. The army was tactically difficult to master.

But another of those reasons is… the curse. Let’s dig a bit into the genre of “40K folklore”… yes it exists.

For across the decades an odd bit of timing usually results in Sisters of Battle being one of the last, or the very last codex that gets put out before a new edition comes rolling out. It has occurred enough times to get included in the 40K Farmers Almanac type of thing. You can plant your 40K crops by the emotional rollercoaster of ups and down of a new codex and new edition for Sororitas fans.

Why Now?

Why am I talking about this now? Because GW just announced the last set of Sisters of Battle releases for this week. Sure we could being the counting when the release started with the Army set last year, but by my “Simple 40K farmer reckonin” I’m not going to plant my “Sister’s Curse seeds” till the army is entirely out. Working it out on my calendar puts the street date for those last Sisters kits as March 21st.

And sticking 6 months on that gives us an outside date of September 21st… for a new edition.


So there you have it.

In there anything concrete regarding a new edition release outside of rumors? Nope.

Is there a lot of circumstantial evidence… sure.

But most importantly there is the decades long prognostication accuracy of “The Sister’s Curse”.

So let’s all jot down September 21st as our outside date and see what happens…


Like the stock market guys say, “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” But on the other hand…

Paul the Octopus was pretty good at predicting the World Cup winner and when it comes to 40K and the Sister’s Curse…

Do you believe in The Curse?

Author: Larry Vela
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