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Goatboy’s 40K: Reviewing Ghaz’ New WAAAGH

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Mar 23 2020
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Goatboy here with thoughts on the new Ork update and how the greenskins turned out in Saga of the Beast.

Overall it is a weird update as it feels a bit lacking in places and while I like some of the stuff I see – it doesn’t really make the current go-to army for Orks any better – well beyond the weird 300+ Grot army we have seen.  That army will be legit and annoying. Let’s start off with what I liked then move onto what I didn’t like and final overall what I wanted to see.  With that – let’s dive into the madness that is Orks.

What I liked!

I actually really like Ghazghul.  The model is amazing (will be painting one on stream soon), the rules are interesting (they add something I expect to see show up elsewhere), and I think he is pretty good if a bit too expensive.  He will do weird things in the current game and we’ll see if he ends up getting better in 9th Edition.  I really find his only true fault is having too many wounds or not enough wounds.  This plus his cost just has me a bit sad.  It’s also a weird set up that he basically almost killed Ragnar when their rules don’t really match up for a grand battle sort of thing.  I wish Makari was just something that was auto combined into Ghazghul’s cost.  Make it where he is always just a part of the model and when you teleport him he comes along as a sort of jerk who hangs around.

I also really enjoy seeing the Big Mek with KFF come to the book as a true choice and not lost to the legendary seas of the Index.  This is an interesting one too as there isn’t a current model for this guy.  This leaves us with another “no true” model option in an army sorta like the regular Thunder Wolf Lord.  Yes you can combine a bunch of kits and make him but its still annoying we don’t have one.  The other odd thing is the Field he has only works for Clans he is a part of.  This is something I’m sure will see later on for the Ork book if we get an updated “Ork Codex with PA stuff” in the future of 9th edition releases.

I do think some of the Strats are pretty good with the new “Super Warboss” option and the Kleverest Boss strat to make a better Big Mek.  I think the Big Mek one should have been generating a whole slew of new Big Mek Warlord traits but that is just me.  Again just extra thoughts on how to make this a more unique army.  The auto Shokkjump Dragsta strat seems neat too and something to think about as that unit is one of those almost good enough options.  A few Lascannons that fire out seems decent and auto jumping the guy could be really good to get that much needed Recon or other ability in ITC.  The best strat is the 1CP Kustom Job option that might show up if we have a new Ork vehicle army.  Unstoppable Momentum seems odd as it lets you charge again when you cause a Mortal wound so I am wondering what could make this great.  I think that crazy Big Monster Ork army with those FW walkers might work well with this as you can charge in, cause some damage and than get to charge again.

The Kustom Jobs are interesting in that like the Tau Prototype weapons they allow Orks to upgrade some units.  Each of them are unique and for 1CP (or for free if you take a Mek Shop) you can upgrade specific units.  Standouts are the heavy 24 shot Gorkanaut gun, faster Kans/Dreads/Nauts options, and the fun Battle Wagon stuff.  I wish we could double up on one of them – but that would just mean two Super Gorkanaut guns.  Heck this whole vehicle thing is interesting as you know I love me some Gorkanauts.  I got one in a box maybe its time to make a giant bowling ball of doom Ork armies.


Finally we get some actually good psychic powers. I like the Evil Suns one as you can get a vehicle to reroll hits.  You can see how the super Gorkanaut gun has me excited.  They are all pretty low and they feel interesting.  Death Skulls ability to cause a unit to be -1 to hit could be neat – versus things like a Riptide or a rough Knight.  On top of that they get a additional -1 AP when they shoot at them so that is pretty good 2 for 1.  We save Blood Axes and depending on needing a no over watch option it could be interesting.  Overall they are neat and add something neat to there armies too.

What I didn’t like.

Those Sub-Kultures are just not that good.  They  remove your Clan rules and its kind of annoying.  I was hoping we would see a 1CP thing that would let you make a Detachment gain a Sub-Kulture on top of the Clan rule but instead you just get a weird new Clan rule.  The only one that seems really interesting is the Grot Mobs as the Grots don’t get Clan rules.  Thus getting new “clan” rules for them is pretty neat.  It really is annoying as you lose the Clan and thus the new Psychic spell too.

I really wanted to see more Relics, Warlord traits, and heck something to add onto the clans like Doctrines.  Maybe different Waaghs! or other things like that.  I just – wish it had more.  That is the big thing in all of this is just I wanted more.  The Strats could be been more interesting too – I am happy we got good ones just wish we had more.

How Good is the Sage of the Beast WAAAGH?

Is this overall a good thing for the game?  Sure it gives you some more rules and other neat things.  Does it change how Orks play?  Um – a bit but I don’t know how good it will be on the Competitive scene.  I wish we could find out but we have a few months before we get a chance to see an event start up again.



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