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GW Rumor Engine: Buzzsaw Is Ready!

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Mar 10 2020
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This new Rumor Engine has you in the Ring for THREE minutes.

There are so many good saw blade movie quotes out there that this Rumor Engine is bringing up that have very little to do with miniatures. If you have any toss them in the comments along with your guesses for this new Rumor Engine.

via Warhammer Community

So what the heck is this one? My personal first inclination is something for Orks. This could be anything from a Painboy’s claw to an Ork Warboss, to…well, anything really. Maybe a new Mad Dok Grotsnik?!

My next inclination is that it might be something from Necromunda – it’s got that industrial look and it might actually be a tool from the Grimdark that has been converted to a weapon. Maybe from a Cawdor Gang? Maybe from an Orlock Gang? Hey, we know they are going to get new House Specialists, right?

My last guess, because it looks industrial, is Genestealer Cults. I’m not 100% sure where this would fit in with them, but it could totally be a weapon of war used by a cultists to chop-up their oppressors and defend themselves while they wait for Ascension Day.



Well folks, what do you think this Buzzsaw is? Let us know your guesses (and those movie quotes) in the comments!



Bonesaw is Ready.

Author: Adam Harrison
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