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RPG: FFG’s Roleplaying Games Find A New Home

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Mar 12 2020

Despite rumors that FFG would be shuttering its RPG department, games like Genesys, L5R, and Star wars have a new home.

In their panel at GAMA, FFG owner Asmodee announced that the Fantasy Flight roleplaying games are not in fact going away, but rather going to be transferred to a new imprint, already owned by Asmodee, Edge Studios.

This contradicts a statement given earlier by Katrina Ostrander after a story by d20 Radio broke the news that the lines were planning to be discontinued.

Ascreenshot from the panel reveals that three of the most popular properties are moving over to a Spain-based Asmodee imprint: Edge Entertainment.


This news comes from the I’m Board! Games & Family Fun group who stated:

This just in, Asmodee (FFG) roleplaying is NOT going away. It is transitioning to a new imprint called Edge Studios. And those older Star Wars books WILL be reprinted! Huzzah!

It seems like Star Wars, Genesys, and Legend of the Five Rings have found a new home, and it’s not even in a farm upstate, it’s with a publisher, Edge Entertainment, a property already owned by Asmodee as of 2017. Edge Entertainment is a Spain-based publisher that has published games like Anima: Beyond Fantasy.

In addition Edge Entertainment has handled translation for a number of other games. For now, there’s no word on how they’ll be continuing, but the move by Asmodee seems to give their more popular games a reprieve. We’ll be following the story to keep you up to date. In the meantime, hang on to your custom dice.


Some have said that these games being brought back from an apparent end might be considered….unnatural, but we believe that everything occuring with these RPGs is transpiring exactly according to design.

Be sure and check back for more updates on the story as it develops

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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