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RPG: New Details Emerge Around Upcoming Dune Game

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Mar 8 2020
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More details have emerged regarding Modiphius’ new Dune RPG, thanks to an interview with the folks at Polygon. Come see what awaits on Arrakis.

With a new Dune movie on the way, featuring a stellar cast, new details have begun to surface about the upcoming RPG that will take players into the political and interstellar landscape that is the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Players will be invited to explore the tightly-woven world through Modiphius’ 2d20 system, which powers Star Trek Adventures and the upcoming Fallout RPG as well. According to details shared with Polygon, players will take on the role of members of one of the three main houses of the Landsraad, or create a house of their own.

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While the byzantine politics of the Great Houses contain more than enough potential adventure, the gameplay will cover all manner of agents, spies, mercenaries, and even criminals that serve the agenda of your House.

Even just covering the agents opens up a whole world. You might play a swordmaster or mentat, or be a member of loosely associated House nobles looking to make a name for yourself. If this sounds a little bit like something you might expect from the grim darkness of the far future, this is where that all comes from. The Imperial House of the Padishah Emperor will doubtless challenge even the most savvy spies though.

The team at Modiphius boasts quite a pedigree of RPG writers tackling the venerable property.

One notable team member is writer Khaldoun Khelil, an Arab-American of Palestinian descent with a background working in the oil industry, counterintelligence, and political consulting. He now works as an energy and security scholar, and has also been writing for the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise since 1999.

Another notable member of the writing team is Chris Spivey. A military veteran and an African-American author, he’s best known for Harlem Unbound, a take on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos set in 1920s New York. The pen-and-paper RPG was nominated for the Diana Jones Award in 2018 as well as multiple ENnie Awards.


Additional team members include game designer Nathan Dowell (Infinity, Star Trek Adventures), and writers Adam Koebel (Dungeon World), Andrew Peregrine (Doctor Who), Jason Durall (Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, A Game of Thrones), Mari Tokuda (Homeworld: Revelations, Dishonored), Rachael Cruz (Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Star Trek Adventures), Jack Norris (John Carter, Marvel Heroic, Mutants & Masterminds), Banana Chan (Dads on Mowers, Terrors Below), Peter Wright (John Carter of Mars), Helena Nash (Runequest), Richard August (John Carter of Mars, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of), Ben Woerner (7th Sea, Warhammer 40,000) and Simon Berman (Eclipse Phase, Iron Kingdoms).

Apparently the game is going to enter a beta test real soon, so check back for more information as that opens up. The game is slated for release in late 2020, so look for it near the holiday season.

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