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RPG: Take A Look At Cyberpunk Red’s New Miniatures

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Mar 1 2020

Monster Fight Club, makers of fine scenery and terrain, have unveiled a gallery of new, official Cyberpunk Red miniatures. Come take a look.

Step inside Night City, where life is cheap, bullets sometimes fall like rain, and capitalism, unchecked and rampant, leaves its ugly mark on the Streets. Cast offs and misfits from the megacorporations find their place in the cracks of the city. And the Street–the Street finds its own uses for whatever winds up in its clutches. See what use you might have for the four characters to get miniatures, made from Monster Fight Club.

via Monster Fight Club

First up we have the Netrunner, fully kitted out in a cool skintight Netrunner suit and boots that could be at home at some point in the far future. Of special interest is the cool cyberdeck, held in hand–attached to the VR helmet allowing the Netrunner to venture out on the updated Information Superhighway that is the Net in the time between 2020 and 2077.

Next up, the Nomad, member of the Mad Max-style biker gangs that roam the stretches between Megacities and live a life on the road, moving from place to place, living wild and free and trying to stay one step ahead of whatever cops or law or orgs are messing with the Pack. Check out the cool shotgun and cybernetically augmented faceplate, as well as toolbelt full of useful items, and grenades.

Then there’s the Rockerboy, wielding a double-necked synth guitar and a killer attitude. She’s also sporting some visibly cybernetic augmentations on her legs. These charismatic crooners use the power of their music to move and inspire people, often to rebel against the oppressive corporations that try and both monetize and manipulate Rockerboys to their own ends.


Finally, we have the Lawman, who’s dressed exactly like you’d expect a cop to be dressed. He looks more like a detective or some kind of Blade Runner, than a member of the Psycho Squad. You can practically hear the voice that’s two weeks from retirement but has one more case to solve.

These miniatures will be available sometime soon on the Monster Fight Club site–so be sure and check back for more information.

Happy Adventuring!

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