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Warhammer 40K: The Ad Mech Reinforcements From Engine War

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Mar 31 2020

Games Workshop takes a closer look at the new Adeptus Mechanicus units coming with Engine War!

The seventh chapter in Psychic Awakening is coming and the Engine War is going to have loads of new units for the Adeptus Mechanicus. Get ready for the Scion’s of the Omnissiah to march to war!

Pteraxii Units Above!

via Warhammer Community

The Sterylizors

Built for “Aggression” these Pteraxii are armed with flamers and flightpacks. That explains the name.

The Skystalkers


The Skystalkers are packing Flechette carbines and look for “the best vantage points” to attack from. It also looks like they have some type of grenades or bombs at their disposal, too.

Archaeopter Ahoy!

The Transvector

The Archaeopter has three different build options. The first is the aerial transport known as the Transvector.

The Fusilave

If you’d rather have a bomber-type aircraft the Fusilave has a payload of tectomagnic bombs that can cause seismic shockwaves on the enemies below!


The Stratoraptor

And finally there is the Stratoraptor which is more of an air-to-ground attacker. It’s a Gunship packing heavy phosphor blasters to pound the ground pounders!

As a side note the kit is very modular and can  “built in flying or landed mode, with the landing skids and legs modelled in different positions.” The hobbyist in me just got a little more excited about this flyer.

Send In the Cavalry

Serberys Raiders

These are the ” long-range scouts who excel in outflanking enemy units.” I’m really interested in seeing the stats on these guys. I’m wondering if they can keep-up with the Sydonian Dragoons.

Serberys Sulphurhounds


The Sulphurhounds are shock troops and line-breakers. The appear to have heavier armor and very different weapon options as well. Oh, and apparently, their mechanical mounts will be spitting hot fire, literally. Those are flamers for faces, folks. Yikes!

If you’re an Adeptus Mechanicus Player you’re about to get some new unit options to help fill the ranks and roles in your forces. It’s time for the ingenuity of the Ad Mech to shine.


Are they mechanical horses or hell-hounds? The answer is yes.

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