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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing Prophecy of the Wolf

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Mar 24 2020

We got an early copy of Prophecy of the Wolf – come take a look inside the box with us!

It’s a new Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Thraka model! And Makari! Plus a bunch of other dudes, too:

What’s In The Box!?

You probably know this by now but Prophecy of the Wolf is a battle-box featuring the Space Wolves vs the Orks. It’s a great launching point for anyone looking to start or add-to either of these armies.

Space Wolves

For the Space Wolves, you’ll get 10 Infiltrators/Incursors (which we’ve seen before) and the new Primaris Ragnar Blackmane.

Ragnar is a pretty cool model to start. It’s one of the better Primaris Updates for sure. GW really did a great job with the resculpt as it has a lot of call-backs to his previous version but stands on it’s own. Rules-wise, Ragnar is a beast in close-combat with an insane amount of potential damage. If you’re playing Space Wolves he seems like a really great character to have in your list – or at least on your bench to try out.


The Orks

On the Orky side of the box, you get 3 Meganobs, 5 Nobs, two Grots, Makari and the big-man himself: Ghazghkull!

This model is NUTS. He’s on a larger base which is quite fitting. He’s the Orky version of Guilliman or Abaddon with a proper scenic base. Aside from that – holy crap! Seriously this model is huge.

I’m fan of this new plastic kit. It’s really impressive and makes him a true monsters on the battlefield. Rules-wise, Ghaz (as you probably know) is super tough. Prophet of Gork and Mork is a unique rule that makes him difficult to handle in a single turn:


Again, as we’ve pointed out before, it’s limited to 4 damage in each phase. So you could theoretically do 4 wounds in the psychic, shooting and close combat phases to kill him – but that’s probably a lot easier said than done.

The Extras

Finally – the box also comes with all the extras you’ll need to field these forces with Rules for all the models in the box. The Prophecy of the Wolf booklet is a mini-campaign with 3 missions plus rules, points, and extras for both the Space Wolves and Orks. No extra dice or measuring sticks this time around – but how many do you really need?

Oh hey – Water Slide Transfers! Don’t forget about those.

Overall, it’s a solid offering from Games Workshop and it might be the only place to get either of the new Ragnar or Ghaz (or Makari) models for a while*. So get on it while you can!


Prophecy of the Wolf – in stores this weekend!


*Editor’s note: This review was written before the GW shut down was announced. Unfortunately we have no other info about availability for this product at this time. If you did pre-order this, you should be contacted by GW within 48 hours.

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