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Games Workshop: 3 Games We Wish Would Come Back

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Apr 27 2020

Games Workshop has a backlog of specialist games that we’d love to see and we tried to pick a favorite. We narrowed it down to the 3 we want most.

When you look at the catalogue of Miniatures Games from Games Workshop over the years it’s pretty impressive. Even their current offerings are a pretty solid list spanning quite a few genres and game types. However, we’ve got some gems from the past that we’d love to see get re-worked and re-designed into something new and updated. We tried to pick our favorite but it really came down to these 3 contenders.


Mordheim is and was the Warhammer Fantasy version of Necromunda. It was set in the city of Mordheim where a warpstone comet had smashed into the “damned city” and corrupted it. Warbands gathered around to raid the city in hopes of gather the warpstone and becoming rich. There’s a video game of it and it’s still got a following online.

We want this one back because of the deeper RPG and warband building elements. Warcry is a solid system and plays faster and has individual warband progression – but it’s not the same. Sure, they are both skirmish level encounters and even the elements of the games are close (the miniatures, terrain, etc). It just doesn’t go far enough like the Mordheim rules did. There was an added layer of fun with leveling up your warband and buying weapons and managing your warband. Could it be clunky at times? Yes – but we wanted that extra depth. If GW could merge Warcry’s new rules with a deeper RPG-style upgrade system we’d be on the right path.


We’re lumping these two games together even though they are two very different settings (with different rules). We’d love to see GW make a smaller miniature scale game with a much more massive scale battles. In the 10mm scale, you could really pack a ton of miniatures on the tabletop and it made for some AMAZING looking games. That’s really want we want to see – the grandeur of these mass battles.

An entire army – in a box!

With the new Titans of Adeptus Titanicus and the flyers from Aeronautica, it seems like GW could do that scale really, really well. Maybe the Old World will scratch that itch. Whatever GW does, we hope they have plans to bring back a wargame in a smaller scale for even larger and more EPIC style battles.



Battlefleet Gothic

This is another great game from the old catalogue. The last updates for it were back in 2013 so it really wasn’t THAT long ago. Fans still carry the torch for this game – heck, there are TWO video games out for this one. It was a Space Fleet based game and it had a bunch of really cool ships and models. It was a really tactical and tough game to master as well. If it weren’t for a certain faction that kind of broke the game later, it might have continued to find success on the tabletop. We want BFG back!


There are TONS more games from GW from the past – which ones would you want to see make a return?


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