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Horus Heresy: Ranking The Loyalist Primarch Models

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Apr 1 2020

With Lion El’Jonson model announced we can finally rank the Loyalist Primarch Models!

It’s time to do the completely subjective task of ranking the Primarch Models. We are ranking them purely based on looks and how much we like them. We’re also just doing the model and their “small” base, not the full scenic base treatment because some of those bases are more epic than others – and some have traitor Primarchs involved! That said, it’s our list and you can feel free to disagree all you want – let us know your rankings in the comments.

#9 Jaghatai Khan

We’re starting with Khan because, well, he doesn’t have a model. We’ll update the list once he actually gets one. When you don’t even have a model, you’re going to be last place in a ranking of models…that’s just science.

#8 Roboute Guilliman

Guilliman is #8 on our list because he’s just kinda boring. He’s also got the unfortunate and unique case of “Primarch Comparison” because he does have a model in 40K as well. Between the two, we like the 40k version better. That said, we DO think this sculpt captures the  very Roman inspired look of the Ultramarines and he even seems slightly hopeful. Maybe “kinda boring” is exactly who Roboute Guilliman is – and if that’s the case: nailed it!

#7 Rogal Dorn

If Guilliman is “kinda boring” then Rogal Dorn is “simmering rage” – it’s all in the face. Either that or he’s a tad constipated. Whatever the case he’s not happy about something. His is a more subtle pose and he’s definitely not as flashy or “action-oriented” as some of the other sculpts of his brothers. If you changed his cape and added a shield, we’re pretty sure we’ve see that same pose before – for the Imperial Statue of the Honoured Imperium Set.


Primarch Dorn, is that you?

#6 Corvus Corax

Corvus is in a cool pose as he’s coming down from above and striking his foes. But He just doesn’t look as graceful as Sanguinius and he also looks mechanical and bulky. He’s supposed to be a master of stealth and rapid strikes but he just looks loud. Sorry Corvax you’re #6 on our list.

#5 Ferrus Manus

Look, we couldn’t decide which of the Hammer Brothers to go with first so we flipped a coin. It came up heads so Ferrus Manus went to the chopping block first. We do actually like this sculpt – it has a sense of movement and fluidity to it. Plus Ferrus is swinging that hammer like a boss. We did think the base was tad overkill with all the fallen Space Marines around it (and while we tried to find an official pic without the scenic base, Forge World didn’t have an unpainted one). It’s a solid sculpt.

#4 Vulkan

It’s the Hammer Brother that won the coin flip. We also really like this model, too! The scales and the cape are really what sets this model off. Vulkan also has that smiteful pose as he’s about to bring the hammer of wrath down on whoever opposes him. We dig it!


#3 Lion El’Jonson

We’re going with the Lion as #3. Mostly because he’s not out yet and we don’t have any pictures of just his Resin/Mini base. We DO like the sculpt and the fact that you get two head options and two sword options. He’s got the same kind of action pose as Ferrus Manus, but he wins his duels – just ask Russ. He also has a beard that we think Russ would also be jealous of. We might of ranked him higher if we could have seen just the resin…oh well! #3 is pretty respectable.

#2 Leman Russ

Looks like Russ finally beat his brother at something besides a who can get Knocked Out First contest. We really like the movement of this model and the action pose. And while we didn’t want to take the full scenic base into account, it does look pretty epic when you get him paired vs Magnus. The model itself also has a lot of little details. We like the rune-work and slatted-armor. We also like that he has multiple close-combat weapons – more weapons than hands in fact. We also like the fur on his cape. It’s just really well done.

 #1 Sanguinius

Look, we’re biased here at BoLS. We like the Blood Angels and we think Sanguinius is the best of them. He looks graceful and heavenly – coming from on high to strike down his enemies below. His wings are EPIC and angelic. And we also love that this sculpt is based somewhat on the Michael vs the Dragon statues of the real world. It’s a great nod to some of the Gothic vibes of the Grimdark.


Well that’s our list – how did you rank the Loyalist Primarchs? There is no right answer here – it’s just like, your opinion, man.


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