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Necromunda: New Escher Models & More Revealed

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Apr 14 2020
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The Underhive is getting some new weapon shipments and a few new models to boot – here come some new minis for Necromunda!

Games Workshop is showing off some new weapon options for Clan Escher Gangers plus a few more hangers-on that can aid your Underhive ambitions.

via Warhammer Community

The House of Blades is bringing some new toys for the ladies of House Escher. Here was can see some new ranged threats, a trio of melee weapons, and a pretty nasty looking servo claw – which is also technically a melee weapon. It sure looks like Escher is upping their firepower with these weapons.

The combination of the speed of an Escher ganger and the punching power of a servo claw could make for a deadly combination. And if you get messed up, it might be wise to look for a Rogue Doc to patch you up.

You can’t always trust the medical assistance you get in the Underhive but a Rogue Doc is better than No-Doc. Sometimes. Desperate times call for desperate measures and when you’re fighting for your life in the slums of Necromunda you have to gamble if you want to survive.


It’s not the best treatment, but the Rogue Doc will get you back in the fight. Mostly. While you’re healing up, it might also be wise to have someone looking after your turf. Someone like the new Gang Lookout:

These Lookouts are useful for calling in a rival moving in on your turf but they are also useful for leading the enemy into a trap. It just depends on how smart you are…



What do you think of these new models coming to Necromunda?

Author: Adam Harrison
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