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Outside the Box – April 3rd

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Apr 3 2020

Here we go again with a new issue of Outside the Box – with news from Wargame Exclusive, Atomic Mass Games, Warsenal, Knight Models, Victoria Miniatures and more!

The Orc Recon Grot Drone is now available from Wargame Exclusive:–> More Wargame Exclusive News

Knight Models presents a new Batman miniature: –> More Knight Models News

New Bushido miniatures are available from GCT Studios: –> More GCT Studios News

Atomic Mass Games announced Ghost Rider for Marvel Crisis Protocol:–> More Atomic Mass Games News

New Infinity terrain is available from Warsenal:–> More Warsenal News

Para Bellum Wargames offers new Dweghom:
 –> More Para Bellum Wargames News1

Artel W Miniatures released new collector’s edition miniatures: –> More Artel W Miniatures News

Cool Mini or Not published a new preview for Ankh:And Starcadia Quest is now available:–> More Cool Mini or Not News

New Heavy Weapon Crews are available from Victoria Miniatures: –> More Victoria Miniatures News


Microworld Games presents new 6mm Dieselpunk vehicles:  –> More Microworld Games News

MOM Miniatures presents a new Dwarf Miner: –> More MOM Miniatures News

Great War Germans in plastic are coming soon from Wargames Atlantic:–> More Wargames Atlantic News

Puppetswar released new animal-themed helmets: –> More Puppetswar News

New Persian cavalry previeews have been published by Victrix:–> More Victrix News

Khurasan Miniatures announced new 15mm Modern vehicles:–> More Khurasan Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models presents new previews of their Daimler Dingo Scout Car kit: –> More Rubicon Models News


And here are the new Kickstarter campaigns:

Petersen Games – Hastur Rising
LOOTGames – The Drifter
Throne Down Games – High fantasy miniature collection
Frost Dragon Designs – Black Cat RPG Hard Enamel Pins
3DBreed Miniatures – Sky Shards: The Arrival
JoseMox – Artemis Maidens Fantasy Football Team
STL Miniatures – 3D Printable Fantasy Props
Munchkin Metropolis – Metal Dice / Hardwood Dice Towers / Pocket-Sized Dice Cases
Norse Foundry – Dice of Crits Metal Crits One Roll at a Time!
Patrik Malios – Heroes of Draconia
Pale Gain Press – The Gamemaster’s Survival Kit
Krakon Games – Deeper Underground: Dungeon miniatures
Samantha – 3D Skeleton Army
CY Power – Starry Mist the First Fluorescent Dice of Mixed Pigments
Lair – Legendary Dragons 3D printable files 
Raybox Games – Classic Legions of Steel SciFi 35mm Metal Miniatures
DJL Projects – Tactical Tokens: 1-4 Inch Wet & Dry Erase Blank Game Tokens
Kohn Games – The Battle of Hampton Roads board game (PnP)
My Mini Factory – Fates End 3D Printable Dice Towers
Cephalofair Games – Frosthaven

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