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Pathfinder 2: The Bestiary 2 Is Bigger And Beastlier And Coming Soon

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Apr 21 2020

Pathfinder 2nd Edition’s new Bestiary is in the works–due out at the end of May, you can pre-order the book now. Come and see what awaits!

One of the best things about Pathfinder 2nd Edition is the sheer number and variety of monsters. Say what you will about the game, it’s big–the rulebooks are densely packed with info, options, and all the tweaks to the 3.x engine that modern game design can unfold. The launch edition Bestiary was crammed full of monstrous friends and foes–but the newest one looks to be bigger and beastlier, introducing another 350+ monsters in classic Pathfinder style. So you can expect to see mythological monsters, Paizo’s take on “fantasy classics” as well as a host of Paizo favorites updated for the new edition with all the tags needed to smoothly slide right into your ongoing games. If you’re looking for friends or foes or something in between, you’ll want to check out the Bestiary 2.

Take a look and pre-order today.

via Paizo

Bestiary 2 – $49.99

With more than 350 classic and brand new monsters, this 320-page hardcover rulebook greatly expands on the foes found in the Pathfinder Bestiary. From classic creatures like serpentfolk and jabberwock, returning favorites like the primal dragons or the Sandpoint devil, to brand new menaces sure to test even the bravest of heroes, this must-have tome of monsters designed to challenge characters of any level is an essential companion to your Pathfinder game!

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 includes:

  • More than 350 monsters drawn from mythology, genre classics, and more than a decade of Pathfinder, with plenty of new monsters too!
  • Gorgeous full-color illustrations on nearly every page!
  • Detailed monster lists sorted by level, type, and rarity to help you find the right monster for any situation!
  • Universal monster rules to simplify special attacks, defenses, and qualities like grab, swallow whole, and regeneration.
  • Detailed lore sidebars offering additional information about even more of Pathfinder’s most popular monstrous friends and foes!

Happy Adventuring!


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