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Solo-Hammer: Slay Some Troggoths

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Apr 9 2020

Looking for a way to push some plastic around the tabletop while you’re self isolating? Check out these rules for some Troggoth Slaying!

It’s a strange time to be a tabletop wargamer as we all try to find ways to engage in the hobby without getting to our traditional game nights. I know I’ve been feeling the urge and looking for digital work arounds and other Warhammer Games to play to get my fix. Vermintide 2 is certainly doing a great job of getting in my monster-slaying. However, I really miss the tactile feel of rolling the dice and pushing my own plastic models around. Thankfully, Games Workshop has a mini-game of sorts for us all to try – It’s time to hunt some Troggoths!

via Warhammer Community

Slay The Troggoth King Campaign Download

In this campaign, you’ll control a small hunting party that has been tasked to slay a Troggoth King and hopefully stop these savage creatures from raiding your lands. You’ll fight three Warhammer Age of Sigmar battles in the campaign, each one against ‘the game’ rather than a real opponent. You’ll also have to manage your resources, as there is a chance that models slain in one game will not return in the next. All in all, it should provide you with a few solid hours of gaming fun!

A couple of notes and suggestions from the WarCom team. First off, while this is designed as a solo campaign, there is no reason you can’t have more family members, friends, or anyone else you’re stuck with play with you – it can be a co-op experience. Secondly, the campaign might be designed for Troggoths but not everyone has a Troggoth in their collection. there is no reason you can’t proxy the models with the correct base sizes. If you’ve got a 50mm base and a 60mm base laying around you can make this one happen.

Then again, it would be a really good excuse to order one of these bad-boys when the opportuny comes back around…

Thirdy, get creative because it’s your campaign. If you don’t have Troggoths (or ran through the campaign and want a new challenge) swap out the Troggoths with other creatures from your collection. Maybe you’ve got some Kurnoth Hunters and an Arch Revenant that need to get put down. Maybe it’s a wayward host of Stormcast that have invaded your lands and need to be shown the exit. You know, whatever works for the narrative you want to write. My Ossiarch Bonereapers are up for the challenge!


So when you get some free time (cause I’m sure that’s in short supply these days) download the campaign and give it a go! It should only take a few hours and you can tweak it to your heart’s content.


Troggoth Hunters – it sounds like a new campy TV show on the Discovery Channel.

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