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Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening – The Final Countdown

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Apr 17 2020

With the Games Workshop preview tomorrow we’re on the final countdown for Psychic Awakening.

The previous preview from Games Workshop revealed the new Psychic Awakening Pariah book which will feature the new Sisters of Battle models/units for Daemonifuge – that much we know. What we don’t know is who or what they will be facing off against. The signs are pointing to Necrons, but that is up for debate until we get confirmation from GW.

Current Status

  • Phoenix Rising – Aledari and Drukhari
  • Faith & Fury – Sisters of Battle (according to the lore and website but also Pariah below), Black Templars, and Chaos Marines
  • Blood of Baal – Blood Angels and Tyranids
  • Ritual of the Damned – Dark Angels, Thousand Sons, Grey Knights
  • The Greater Good – T’au, Genestealer Cult, Astra Militarum
  • Saga of the Beast – Orks vs Space Wolves
  • Engine War – Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, Chaos Daemons
  • War of the Spider – Adeptus Custodes, Death Guard, More Chaos Space Marines (Fabius Bile)
  • Pariah – Sisters of Battle (for real this time) vs (Necrons?)
  • White Dwarf Updates – Deathwatch & Harlequins


Everything is kind of up in the air currently because of the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve already seen GW shift dates and push things back. At this time the UK is also extending their lockdown for at least another 3 weeks. That will probably impact releases once again. That said, before the pandemic, GW was basically releasing a book a month. We’ve based our initial timeline off of that with notes to the side.


  • Saga of the Beast (book 6) – physical release delayed, available digitally


  • Engine War (book 7) – delayed until at least May 2nd…for now
  • Deathwatch rules released via White Dwarf (out for subscribers, White Dwarf street-date delayed until May 2nd… for now)


  • War of the Spider (book 8) – probably delayed until after Engine War releases (late May possibly June)
  • April White Dwarf release w/Deathwatch Rules (hopefully)
  • May White Dwarf release – possibly with Harlequin rules


  • Pariah (book 9) – probably delayed until after War of the Spider releases

July – ???


August – ???

Who knows what’s going to be announced by the time July and August roll around. We might see GW double-up on book releases to play catch-up or they might have to space things out due to supply chain issues. But July and August will probably be a post-Psychic Awakening playground.

I’m still waiting to see what will happen once Saga of the Beast and those sweet new models arrive in peoples hands…

I’m sure GW is wanting to get these books out to the fans as much as the fans are wanting to get their hands on them. It’s going to be a delicate time of getting the supply lines back-up to speed as the entire world recovers and slowly gets out of these quarantine states. The best thing we can all do is be patient, stay safe ourselves, and wash your hands! 


Gee – I wonder what’s going to come after Psychic Awakening…


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