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Warhammer Vermintide 2’s New Patch Brings Double XP

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Apr 24 2020

A new patch brings “small” changes to the game alongside a double XP weekend event. Come see what’s new for Vermintide 2 this weekend.

Vermintide 2’s community challenge continues apace this weekend, as players can earn Double the XP. And what’s more, if they answer the developer’s call to free the Reikland by slaying 500,000,000 Skaven, Norscans, or Beastmen by the end of April, then May will kick off with triple XP.

At 2pm UTC today we have enabled Double XP for all players, on all platforms, for all games! Now’s a great time to stay home, level up, and help us all Play Apart Together.

Don’t forget we’re also challenging you to slay 500,000,000 Skaven, Norscans or Beastmen (or any combination of flesh you meet, aside from your team mates…) before the end of play on April 30th and earn you and your hero friends a lovely new portrait frame exclusive to this event.

As a bonus, we can also announce that should you beat the Community Challenge we’ll also activate 24 hours TRIPLE XP on May 1st!

This news comes alongside a patch that fixes bugs, , tweaks some features, and introduces basic sorting to your item storage:

2.4 Patch Notes


  • Enchanter’s Lair:
    • Added water collision on blood surface.
    • Removed interactable units and flow on the paintings found throughout the level.
    • Player camera should no longer break if a player rescuable in the boss room before encounter cutscene.
    • Barrel marker should no longer get stuck when hotjoining in to a match in progress.
    • “All heroes must be present” prompt now appears for clients when host is not at the door.
    • Nurgloth – Final Phase eruptions no longer deal any damage to bots.
    • Fixed a few spots where players can get stuck.
  • Old Haunts:
    • Fixed a spot where players can get stuck.
    • Fixed an illogical respawn.
    • Fixed a spot where bots can get stuck.
    • Fixed an invisible door that players could break.
    • Fixed a case of Face Spawning by the statues.
    • The Bottle counter should be sync’d correctly now for players who join a run in progress.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Introduced basic sorting functionality to store items.*
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Bardin uses his taunt ability during “Back to Basics” deed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Saltz from switching to melee whilst performing rapid fire with Brace of Pistols.
  • Fixed persistent scrolling audio in the store.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would twitch if switching between melee and ranged weapons with zero ammunition.
  • Fixed an issue where Sienna’s (Battle Wizard) ‘Tranquility’ buff would be removed too late when a spell was cast.

Happy slaying!

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