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D&D: Massive New Mythic Odysseys Of Theros Rules Previews

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May 29 2020

Come and take a look at a massive preview of the upcoming Mythic Odysseys of Theros. Leonin, Satyrs, Subclasses, and more!

In case you missed it, Roll20 has been running a livestreamed actual play that showcases everything Theros. And their most recent stream dropped a ton of new information about the upcoming book. There’s a lot to catalogue, but if you’d like to see for yourself, you can watch the video embedded below.

Let’s take a look at some of what they reveal.

New Races

Leonin get +2 Con and +1 Strength, 35 ft movement speed, claws, and a roar.

Satyrs get +2 Cha and +1 Dex magic resistance, which is sure to place them up on the same level with Yuan-Ti Purebloods, as well as the ability to jump very well. They also come with proficiency in Persuasion, Performance, and an Instrument, natural weapons in the form of horns, a 35 ft movement speed, and interestingly enough are Fey, not humans.

Supernatural Gifts

All PCs are supposed to choose 1 supernatural gift if you’re playing a Theros campaign. As we saw earlier, there are a number of them that boost the power level of starting characters, and some can be a free feat, but most are associated with some of the gods.

Here’s a list of the Supernatural Gifts:

  • Anvilwrought
  • Heroic Destiny
  • Unscrutable
  • Oracle
  • Unscarred
  • Pious
  • Oracle
  • Nyxborn
  • Iconoclast

Only a few were demonstrated: Iconoclasts refuse to serve any god and gain antimagic abilities, replacing the piety system. Anvilwrought makes you a construct. Oracles can speak celestial and might have a closer connection to their god. We’ll know more soon enough.



As we’ve talked about before, we know there are new subclasses in the book, including the Oath of Heroism which has become the Oath of Glory (and has undergone some changes):

  • Bonus spell list now consists of Guiding Bolt, Heroism, Enhance Ability, Magic Weapon, Haste, Protection from Energy, Compulsion, Freedom of Movement, Commune, and Flame Strike
  • Channel Divinity now grants advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics or can grant temporary HP to creatures of your choice within 30 feet.
  • Aura has become an aura of alacrity, granting +10 ft to the movement of any ally that starts their turn within 10 feet.
  • Can use a reaction to add Charisma modifier to AC against an attack, and if it misses, can counterattack

And the College of Eloquence

  • Can treat Persuasion/Deception rolls as 10, even if they roll 9 or lower
  • Can use a bonus action to reduce a creature’s next save by their bardic inspiration die
  • Bardic inspiration dice stick around until they succeed
  • As an action you can grant comprehend languages (effectively) to your party
  • Can use a reaction to spread Inspiration dice around

The World

A few interesting notes, the mainland of Theros is somewhere around 40,000 square miles, making it close to the size of Greece, and the known world is only a small part of a much much larger continent, mostly unexplored.

That’s it for now–we’ll be sure to have more once the book is out, but for now, enjoy your look at the Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

Happy Adventuring!


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