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Goatboy’s Hobby 40k: New Ragnar Mini Review

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May 6 2020

I got a chance to paint Ragnar, just like Ghazghul from a couple weeks back. Let’s take a look and go over the newest Space Wolf mini.

This is probably the best thing to come out of that update as it fixes an old model, he gets some pretty bad ass rules, and its a pretty sweet kit.  It was a nice model to build and I wanted to showcase it.  A lucky client who loves Space Wolves is getting this guy so hopefully he will see use as he leaves this house of Chaos I call home. first off let’s go over the sprues:


I put him on a taller base to make him look even more imposing but overall he was a pretty easy build.  Each part seemed to have a place you could easily figure out and I didn’t really need the instructions.  It is always nice to have such a high detailed and action oriented kit be something fun and relaxing to build.  Most of the time their new Character stuff fits pretty well with a few of the bigger kits being more intense.  The only thing I almost forgot to do was putting his butt plate on the model.  I caught it in time and was able to put it on there so he didn’t lose his butt cheeks like Hank Hill.  I give his kit an A- just in terms of build, quality, and just overall pose.  I would have rated it higher but I can’t block the picture of his hair getting caught in his swords teeth.  We call it the Ragnar bald spot.


The model looks good as it has a ton of little detail.  There are teeth everywhere and moving in the right direction for the overall flow of the model.  His cape is flaring out pretty nicely and I did enjoy having a model that wasn’t covered in purity seals.  I have been doing Grey Knights lately so I am really tired of painting purity seals.  Do you think those seals are like participation ribbons?  Things like the hardest pray dude or shiniest shoulder pad?  Anyway this model is full of details with runes all over the place, etched armor, and cool little teeth on the legs.  They are also all pretty easy to get to as I didn’t paint him in stages and just built it, primed it, and went to town on my stream Wednesday night. This model gets a big fat A as it looks like a bad ass Space Wolf which is what Ragnar should be.


I talked a little about this but he fun to paint. He has a ton of different texture so you can easily do all kinds of painting techniques as you work on him.  You have fur that easily takes dry brushing and heavy brushing.  He has Primaris armor which is great for big bold shading and edge highlighting.  The metallic bits on his armor is pretty detailed which leads to a very easy time with metallic paint and wash effects.  He has a few gems on him that lets you break it down with a different spot color as needed.  His cloak flares out pretty well so you can easily paint it with a darker color to make the model pop out more.  Also his head is well sculpted so you can get to his teeth and washes make his howl stand out.  An A+ on a paint scale as he was fun to paint and not too demanding.

Overall if you play Space Wolves you want this model.  His rules are too good to pass up as well as the model itself is pretty sweet.  He is dynamic and will make a great addition to your army as a center piece of doom and destruction.


For the Wolftime!

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